A story of being trans* in Uganda

A story of being trans* in Uganda

AN upcoming film about a living life as a trans* person in Uganda aims to break stereotypes and humanise the country’s trans* community.

Directed by Jonny von Wallström, The Pearl of Africa is in post-production and tells the unique story of a Ugandan trans woman Cleopatra Kambugu, a 26-year-old student and activist.

The movie is being hailed as one that moves away from the physical aspect of those who are trans* and places a focus on their emotions and experiences.

Wallström, who is also a human rights advocate, farmer and artist living in Sweden, started searching for someone in Uganda who had a story to tell about being trans*.

In an oped published yesterday in the Huffington Post, Wallström wrote: “To me, there was too much focus on the physical aspects of being trans and not enough focus on the emotional aspects of it.

“I felt the emotional side was something I could capture in a unique way, which could help people understand trans people from their own point of view rather than from the ironic filmmaker’s point of view.”

After searching, Wallström was introduced to Cleopatra, and he started filming.

“I was fascinated by her courage as the first trans woman to openly transition in the discriminatory Ugandan society,” he said.

Wallström has recently released a teaser trailer to The Pearl of Africa:

H/T Huffington Post

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