Anthony Albanese Slammed Over Anti-Trans Statement In Piers Morgan Interview

Anthony Albanese Slammed Over Anti-Trans Statement In Piers Morgan Interview
Image: Piers Morgan and Anthony Albanese. Image: Twitter

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has made a controversial anti-trans statement in an interview with British television personality Piers Morgan.

In an interview with the former TV presenter, Albanese was asked a range of questions, spanning the status of Australia’s independence, to the contentious ‘What is a woman?’

“An adult female,” the Prime Minister replied.

“How difficult was that to answer?” Morgan responded.

“Not too hard,” the PM said, adding, “I was asked during the (election) campaign actually.”

Albanese then said that it was “up to people to be respective and I know that … controversy can come at times like that.”

The Prime Minister slammed the recent visit of anti-transgender activist Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker’s to Australia. “There was recently a very controversial visit in Australia that was designed to stir up issues and young people coming to terms with their identity and who they are, I think they need to be respected,” said Albanese.

LGBTQI Groups Slam PM

LGBTQI advocacy groups slammed the Prime Minister for failing to defend trans women. 

“Trans and gender diverse Australians need a Prime Minister who will defend them, not one who sucks up to right-wing provocateurs,” Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Sally Goldner, said in a statement. 

Just.Equal called on the government to set up an advisory committee led by trans and gender-diverse people. 

“The committee will ensure ministers across the board, from justice, through health and sport to the Prime Minister himself, understand the problems faced by trans and gender diverse Australians and what kind of policies and laws will ensure we are treated equally and inclusively,” said Goldner, who said she will write to the Prime Minister expressing its concerns and calling for an advisory committee.

Online Backlash To PM’s Comments

The PM’s comments stoked major backlash online.

“An answer to this question should just roll off the tongue. A supportive answer. And given it’s so topical he should have been drilled on it months ago,” said one Twitter user.

Users pointed out Morgan’s question was an anti-trans dog whistle, used by transphobic actors as a  catchphrase.

“Nobody who knows anything about [trans people] as a political issue fails to realise that [the question] has long since been co-opted by extreme voices,” a Twitter user said.

“It’s disingenuous bad faith, pretending the phrase hasn’t been weaponised by a particular group as a slogan.”

PM Shirks Responsibility

Albanese and Morgan delved deeper into their trans discussion, moving to the issue of trans athletes in professional sports.

“What would you do, for example, on this issue of transgender athletes in women’s sport?” asked Morgan.

The Prime Minister responded by saying that it’s up to the organisations to contend with the issue and that Australia’s “sporting codes” are able to “deal with it” if needed.

“What is going on where a Prime Minister is wasting their time indulging platforms designed only to fuel hatred and bigotry,” wrote a Twitter user.


The Guardian’s Amy Remeikis pointed out that this is not the first time Albanese has been asked these questions, nor given the same answer, accusing the Prime Minister of further “legitimising” a “hateful” view.

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11 responses to “Anthony Albanese Slammed Over Anti-Trans Statement In Piers Morgan Interview”

  1. Albo is not anti-trans, and he clearly stumbled because he knew Morgan was trying to use him as a pawn in his own misguided trans-exclusionary culture war.

    At any rate, how is defining a “woman” as an “adult female” trans-exclusionary? The definition makes no distinction between those born female or who transition, so this is nothing more than a beat-up written by radical activists who do more harm than good to their own cause.

    By arguing about semantics that don’t really matter to people outside of the community, you’re chasing the allies way. Seriously. Wake up to yourselves.

  2. I think that’s a complete misread of Albo’s comment. To position it as “anti-Trans” merely undermines the credibility of those making the claim. As much a Morgan employs the dog whistle, this article seems to be engaging in a bit of dog whistling itself.

  3. Albo isn’t anti trans, he is very supportive… he said, as quoted in this very article
    “… young people coming to terms with their identity and who they are, I think they need to be respected. “

    Albo handled the interview really well, he answered Morgan’s loaded questions with intelligence and honesty. In fact, I think Morgan was disarmed and out-witted.

  4. I think the replies have nailed it- dont go near people like Morgan, whatever you say will be twisted and used against us….
    Albos comments were hardly offensive. How those comments will be twisted maybe though.

  5. This is the same PM who waved the flag at Sydney Pride. Clearly given Albanese’s transphobic remarks and support for transgender exclusion it’s obvious Albanese didn’t march to support transgender people, and trans women in particular.

  6. Nor is he, it appears, pro-trans. But he should be. In any case gender is not necessarily sex so the answer is plain wrong.

  7. Nothing anti-trans about Albo. He is the most respectful PM we’ve had in my generation and said ‘we’ should all be respected. Educate all ministers for sure, but don’t attack them before they have the knowledge.

  8. There was nothing anti Trans in that comment going on Piers Morgan was the mistake

  9. I don’t think he should have been interviewed by Piers because he’s meh. However I don’t think what Albo said is Anti-Trans. He needs more education sure, but he’s not Anti-Trans.