Assault Charges Dropped Against Out Filmmaker Dustin Lance Black

Assault Charges Dropped Against Out Filmmaker Dustin Lance Black
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Assault charges have been dismissed against out Oscar-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Dustin Lance Black.

In August 2022, Black,  49, was charged with assault after allegedly grabbing BBC presenter Teddy Edwardes’s wrist at a London club, which caused her to spill a drink.

Edwardes then punched Black in the back of the head, as he was leaving, which resulted in a concussion.

Insufficient Evidence

On November 8, District Judge Louisa Cieciora dismissed the assault case, citing insufficient evidence any assault occurred.

Cieciora in her ruling, explained, “Ms Edwardes said she didn’t see a difference between her drink being spilled and Mr Black grabbing her wrist; that the outcome is the same.

“But there is a difference. The charge was brought on Mr Black having grabbed her wrist. Grabbing a glass does not amount to an assault. Throwing a drink does amount to an assault – but that’s not what is being alleged here.

“Ms Edwardes’ account didn’t mention her wrist being grabbed until a very late stage. I didn’t consider her explanations – including that she was angry when she wrote some posts on social media, or that social media is not real life – to be at all constructive.

“I consider that the evidence, taken at its highest, is such that I cannot convict properly Mr Black of the charge. I therefore dismiss the charge.”

‘I Am Relieved This Unfortunate Matter Is Now Over’

After the ruling, Black released a statement that read, “I am pleased that the judge saw the truth today and ruled in my favour. As the evidence has proven, and I have always maintained, I am completely innocent, and in fact, was the victim in this case of a serious assault. I am relieved this unfortunate matter is now over.”

Black is best known for writing films such as Milk, J. Edgar, Rustin and TV shows such as When We Rise, Under the Banner of Heaven, and Big Love. 

He has been married to British Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley since 2017.


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