‘Bluey’ Acknowledges LGBTQIA+ Families In Season Three Finale

‘Bluey’ Acknowledges LGBTQIA+ Families In Season Three Finale
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The season three finale of hit Australian kids’ show Bluey included the first mention of an LGBTQIA+ family among the cast of characters, much to the joy of queer fans and despair of conservatives.

The critically acclaimed and emotional episode, The Sign, is a special 27-minute-long episode that tells the story of Bluey’s family as they potentially face selling their home in the midst of a family wedding. 

The scene in question comes when Bluey asks why stories always have happy endings, while teacher Calypso tells her that it’s because stories in real life have enough sad endings. 

Bluey’s classmates pitch in with sad stories from their lives, including Chihuahua classmate Pretzel who matter-of-factly states that when his guinea pig went missing: “My mums told me he might come back, but he didn’t.” 

Described as a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment” by TikToker Aussie Girl Margie, fans were nonetheless thrilled to see the show introduce LGBTQIA+ families in a subtle, normalising way.  


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LGBTQIA+ Bluey fans excited by The Sign

Response to the revelation about Pretzel’s two mums was met with lots of positivity by fans of the show. 

Aussie Girl Marge said in her TikTok that she felt it was “a natural way to [say] some people have two mums and that’s just part of real life.”

The comments on Marge’s TikTok also shared words of support for the line, such as: “Finally! it’s the only thing Bluey was missing, 🏳️‍🌈” from user @babedaboonie. 

One fan said on X (formerly Twitter): “GAY DOGS IN BLUEY!!!  I’M SO GLAD FOR THIS. As a person who lived with his mom and her gf at one point in time, I think this is great.”

Conservatives outraged by acknowledgement of queer families

Predictably, conservatives were furious about the acknowledgement of a child having two mothers as they appeared online in droves to complain that Bluey is now ‘ruined.’ 

The Daily Wire’s Megan Basham took to X/Twitter to bemoan the “glee” LGBTQIA+ activists feel when a show includes representation, calling it “demoralising.” She said: “I wondered if the relentless pressure the media was putting on the makers of this show would work. Sadly now we know.

“By the way–this is what happens to ANYTHING Disney touches. You knew the moment they got involved with Bluey, its purity wasn’t long for this world.” A curious comment, given the fact that the show was commissioned by the ABC and BBC while Disney only pays the licence for North American broadcast rights. 

Other sentiments from homophobes included the fact they would no longer let their kids watch the show, which supporters pointed out is an absurd reaction to a brief line over 150 episodes into a kids’ show.

You can watch Bluey and and season three finale The Sign in Australia on ABC iView now. 

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