Coming Soon: Henry, The Self-Lubricating Gay Male Sex Robot

Coming Soon: Henry, The Self-Lubricating Gay Male Sex Robot
Image: Henry - The Gay Male Sex Robot

A self-lubricating gay male sex robot is coming to a walk-in wardrobe near you and sooner than you’d think, from a company already selling highly realistic and customisable female sex dolls.   

Gay Male Sex Robot can also be straight

In what seems like a plot from a sci-fi show, RealDoll and Realbotix are developing Henry, a male sex robot who will able to be programmed as either gay or straight, an intriguing consideration when you think about it, cause maybe you’ve always wanted to seduce a straight guy?

The world is your oyster here, folks!

Brick Dollbanger, a sex doll enthusiast who is definitely worth five minutes of NSFW viewing on Instagram, interviewed Matt McMullen, CEO of AI robotics company RealDoll, a subdivision of Realbotix, which according to their website is “a high-tech company researching and producing the latest artificial intelligence and robotics to build the future.”

Henry is hot

McMullen made waves a few years ago when he unveiled Harmony, an anatomically correct AI sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head (complete with a Scottish accent) and programmable personality and memory – though only  equipped with arms and legs that are jointed and fully pose-able but with no independent operation.

Harmony was designed with a “bisexual flavour” and McMullen talks about the complicated process of designing Henry’s AI software, “Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile.”


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McMullen also said that lesbian sex robots were coming soon to their product line as well, saying “This would be something that would also propagate to the female platform as well.”

He also casually mentioned that they were developing “self-heating, self-lubricating erogenous zones” for both the male and female robots”. He talked about the next steps, saying, “We’re already starting to animate the body, the problem is: When can a body be animated, and then be safe to throw into someone’s bed?”

“A robotic arm that’s strong enough to lift the entirety of its silicone weight is pretty darn strong. If something goes a little bit off with that, it can take your head off.”

At least!

The more immediate challenge for the RealBotix team is to tackle, well, Henry’s tackle.

Because let’s face it, when you’re spending multiple thousands of dollars to buy a Gay Male Sex Robot, you want your money’s worth – the female sex dolls available for purchase from the RealDoll website look to start from over $8,000AUD!

A Bionic Penis

Matt McMullen, CEO of AI robotics company RealDoll with Henry

McCullen said that while he hopes to release Henry next year, the company still needs to “come up with that bionic penis”.

“We’re going to be working on some sort of very special insert for Henry so that he’s able to, you know, lift trucks with his penis or something,” he said.

Which assuming by the amazingly customisable range of female sex dolls on display for purchase right now, will also arrive with the perfectly formed penis for you – wouldn’t it be amazing if they were interchangeable depending on your mood that night?! 

A bit like a Mombi from the 80’s “kid’s” film ‘Return to Oz’ changing heads but instead it’s up to you to pick a dick today! It’s enough to make you clutch your pearls!

And talk about value for money – the wonders of technology also brings continuous updates, so again, just like selecting ‘gay’ when you’re setting up your iPhone, you’ll also be able to access periodic updates to  additional programs, like kissing processes. 

“As we start launching the heads, the software will continue to evolve and that is gonna be years and years of continued development of the apps and the systems that run the robots.”

Wonder if Henry will eventually come with a pyrolytic cleaning function?

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