Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives to change name

Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives to change name
Image: Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives founding and life member Liz Ross at the recent ALGA AGM. Photo: supplied.

After a year-long consultation process, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives has announced that they will be changing the name of the organisation.

The archives, which collects and preserves LGBTIQ material from across the country and makes it readily accessible for all, outlined the results of the consultation at this year’s AGM.

With a detailed online survey of 450 responses and follow up discussions, engagement with the community and forums, ALGA’s President Angela Bailey told the Star Observer she was proud that the organisation had taken the proper time with this process.

“We were hoping to have everything resolved and announce the new name at this year’s AGM, but we just felt that we were rushing it.

“With various levels of engagement, the main one was the online survey. We were … astonished at the number of responses that came through,” said Bailey.

“We received 450 completed surveys with open ended questions, and across all age brackets everyone supported the name change.”

Sixty-six per cent of respondents voted ‘yes‘ to a name change, support which continued in follow up engagement. But a change in name doesn’t change the legacy of what the archives has given and will continue to give our communities.

“In our overview of the material we collect, the current name doesn’t really reflect all the parts of the community we support,” Bailey said.

“We have had various comments in the past from supporters and members feeling the name wasn’t inclusive enough. Something that is more prevalent for younger generations.”

The next step is for the archives committee to go through the many suggestions made in the online surveys and identify a new name for the archives; a name that considers our diverse communities, and the legacy the organisation gives us all.


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