SHOCK NEWS: Lesbians more likely to orgasm than straight women

SHOCK NEWS: Lesbians more likely to orgasm than straight women
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CONTENT WARNING: The study in question focussed solely on the experiences of cisgender people. So, this story will refers to ‘women’ and ‘men’, which in this case specifically due to the nature of the study, means cisgender women and men. 

A new study has shown that women with female sexual partners are more likely to orgasm than women with male partners. 

Similar studies have been done in the past, showing similar results.

The new study, by researchers from Rutgers University, found 78% of women who had sexual experiences with female partners experienced orgasms, compared to just 65% of those who had sex with men. 

The study interviewed 1000 women, and was conducted in two phases: 

Psychologists who ran the study said their findings don’t mean there is an ‘inherent problem’ with heterosexual sex – just that foreplay should be more of a priority for straight men. 

Women who had sex with women were more likely to experience foreplay, with their sexual partner focusing on the clitoris, which made them far more likely to orgasm – while women who had sex with men did not experience this as commonly. 

In both studies, women reported that female partners paid more attention to their clitoris, which made them more likely to orgasm, as compared to male sexual partners.  

Researchers interviewed 1000 women, and conducted the study in two phases.

Firstly, psychologists asked 476 women – half lesbians, and half straight women – to report on their experience with their most recent sexual partner. This found that lesbians are 20% more likely to experience orgasms than their straight female counterparts. 

The second phase interviewed bisexual women about their sexual experiences. Half were asked to imagine a sexual experience with a man, and the other half imagined a sexual experience with a woman. 

They then rated their experiences on a scale of one (very unlikely) to seven (very likely)  based on how likely they were to have an orgasm. 

Women imagining sex with a man reported a score of 4.88, compared to 5.86 for those  imagining sex with a woman. 

You can read more about the study here.

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