Three in ten gay men lie about their age or appearance on dating apps

Three in ten gay men lie about their age or appearance on dating apps

A large proportion of gay men on dating apps lie about their age, height or weight, a new survey reveals.

Out of almost 4,000 guys, three out of ten said they lied, in a survey.

Only three per cent said they lied about how well endowed they were, however—perhaps not surprising given that 83 per cent said they sent dick pics.

Over a quarter of the men surveyed said they thought most of the guys they went on to meet in person were less attractive than they had been led to expect.

Most said they needed to see at least three photos of another guy before agreeing to meet, but 30 per cent said they had met up without seeing a picture.

Half of the initial meetings between guys who meet on apps are at one of their homes.

The most popular app was Grindr, used by 29 per cent of guys, with Scruff coming second at 16 per cent, and others using apps such as Tinder and Jack’d.

HIV-negative guys said they were unlikely or highly unlikely to initiate contact with someone whose profile said they were living with HIV.

Almost half of guys living with HIV said they disclosed their status in their profile, and 90 per cent said they would disclose it before sex.

Just 10 per cent of positive men said they would only disclose their status if specifically asked.

Almost three quarters of the survey respondents said they were looking for more than a hookup—such as dating or a friends with benefits relationship—from using the apps.

Around half of the guys who do get together after meeting on an app end up hooking up or dating.

Research earlier this year showed that young gay and bisexual men are also using hookup apps to make like-minded friends.

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