LNP shun gay debate

LNP shun gay debate

Queensland’s Liberal National Party has refused to confirm a candidate to attend tonight’s Brisbane Gay and Lesbian Business Network (GLBN) state election debate, which includes a line up of candidates from the ALP, Greens and Katter’s Australia Party.

The GLBN organised the night to allow candidates the chance to to reach out to the gay and lesbian business community before the state election on March 24.

The evening will host Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser (ALP), Grace Grace (ALP), Anne Boccabella (Greens) and Rob Waldrop (Katter’s Australia Party).

“A good debate has to have multiple sides of the argument and we are pleased to have a line up that has such a broad range of political views.” GLBN president Troy Quaife said.

“Given that business people are often focussed first and foremost on what they will achieve for their business at an election, we are delighted to have the deputy premier and treasurer attending this event but disappointedly the LNP has so far refused our invitation to come forward and lure votes from our members.”

Earlier this month, Opposition Leader Campbell Newman rejected an offer by PFLAG Brisbane’s Shelley Argent for a debate on the state’s civil union legislation.

The LNP had previously pledged to send a candidate to tonight’s GLBN debate, but refused to name who.

Regardless, Quaife expects a full house at the event which will consist of prepared speeches from each of the candidates and the opportunity for members of the audience to pose questions to all of the candidates.

“This is one of the last opportunities for our members to ask the hard questions of our politicians before the election. Furthermore, it will give our politicians the last chance to sway voters before they enter the polling booth on Saturday” Quaife said.

The Great Pub Debate is being held tonight, Monday March 19, from 7pm at Sportsman Hotel in Spring Hill.

INFO: www.glbn.org.au

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2 responses to “LNP shun gay debate”

  1. I’m sure the bloke from Bob Katter’s party will make a reasoned and informed contribution to the debate *ahem*

  2. What can you expect from the secretive LNP!
    The little western Queensland town I come from is a divided town.
    All LNP meetings are held in secrecy from the towns people, and hessian bagging is placed completely around all political gatherings by the land and privileged gentry.
    Just wait for the brown paper bags to change colour.