Move to stamp out homophobia in sport

Move to stamp out homophobia in sport

The organising bodies for soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby league, rugby union and the British Olympics Association have signed a UK Government charter for action on homophobia in sport.

The charter aims to create a welcoming environment for GLBT people in sport. It states that everyone should be able to participate in sport and sport is about fairness, equality, respect and dignity.

The charter commits signatories to make these values a reality when GLBT people participate in sport and pledges them to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

Britain’s Football Association is the latest to sign.

“We’ve seen real progress over the last 20 years when it comes to tackling racism and that’s something football should be proud of,” general secretary Alex Horne said.

“[But] we remain committed to our long-term goal of removing all forms of discrimination, such as homophobia, out of the game.”

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