Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor, resident DJ at Arq on Thursdays, Home on Saturdays and The Colombian on Sundays, gives us his top five dance tracks at the moment. He’s also performing at G.A.Y. on 22 May and Big Queer Nation on 12 June. Go to for more info.

Mr Timothy feat. Inaya Day

This track is HUGE! Inaya Day has a voice that could shake the roof off a house. It has a wicked groove with an electro feel and the best backing vocals I’ve heard in a while. It’s also locally produced, with Mr Timothy being from Melbourne. It has all the right elements a good solid, main-room house track should have.


A track that really grows on you in the best possible way. It’s just a simple rolling baseline and a great disco hook that reels you in and locks you into the groove. The breakdown, swirling build-up and crescendo get a massive response every time.

DAVID (Tim Deluxe Remix)
Gus Gus

Originally released over a year ago with a remix by Underworld’s Darren Emerson, this track has been updated with a notably chunky remix by Tim Deluxe which gives it the respect it deserves. It’s all about the huge uplifting keyboard riff and the I still have last night in my body vocal.


This is one hell of a funky breaks track and is bound to have huge commercial appeal. It sounds very much like something Prince might have done, with some really cool -˜80s elements too. I guarantee you won’t be able to help shaking your thing when you hear this.

DO IT FOR YOU (Migs Petalpusher Vocal)
Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw

Apart from a more main-room house sound I also love soulful, bouncy, deep house. And when it comes to this style you can’t beat Miguel Migs. If you were at Vibes earlier this year you would have seen the man in action. With the smooth and breezy vocals of Miss Lisa Shaw accompanying his production, this track just exudes class and charm and makes me feel like I’m on a beautiful sun-drenched beach whenever I hear it.

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