People you can trust

People you can trust

So I had that moment last week where I was trying to find a tradesman and was having little luck. I’m one of those people who are funny about who I let into my house to fix something. I don’t have the most conventional lifestyle and my house very much reflects that.

I’m not saying my house is awash with gayness, but if you looked at a room for more than a passing glance you could tell I’m a little left of the straight line. But above all I am very private.

All I wanted was a removalist who would come do the job and leave. Simple enough, you would think -“ two muscly men, or women for that matter, to help my lazy arse move my crap from one over-priced rental to an even more over-priced rental to accommodate my growing needs.

It wasn’t until I saw Sydney Star Observer sitting in my lounge room that I started to relax. I quickly found a competitively priced removalist, everything was done without drama and I had the peace of mind that the said removalist would not be looking strangely at the box marked queer books as it sat next to kitchen appliances.

Maybe to some this all sounds over the top. Who cares if someone sees how you live? The bottom line is I don’t like judgment, full stop, but I find it even harder to stomach when it’s in my own home. With the tradesman from the classified section of SSO, that issue no longer had to enter the equation.

It was a little extra peace of mind that this person advertises in our newspaper, is non-judgmental, is not going to rip me off and is efficient. So from now on I’m going to pay more attention to the advertisers in our papers because these people are committed to servicing our community.

I love it when new products are launched within our community and you hear it first in the paper. It is like being part of an exclusive club or an important test market. It is the only time that I really feel the power of being a consumer. It is fabulous.

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