Queen of hearts

Queen of hearts

I would like to thank God, the Queen, my adoring public, my friends, family, my cats (including the one that went crazy and now won’t let anyone pick her up), my flatmates (past and present), all my ex-boyfriends, my future ex-boyfriends out there, the Japanese man who sold me really good chicken teriyaki, all the taxi drivers who have tried to pick me up, the few that succeeded, the company that makes Malibu, the new vibrating razors, and of course all the men who walk around the change room at the gym in the nude. A special thank you goes out to each and every one of you.

Since receiving my ACON Queen of Hearts DIVA, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to send out thank yous. A week after the awards my feet are still telling the story. We had fun, we danced, we bitched, some showgirls went crazy and, when I say crazy, I mean crazy.

I won the Queen of Hearts DIVA for my constant struggle to keep Oxford Street gay. But I am just the showgirl who has taken on this campaign recently -“ showgirls have tackled this problem for years. It has been a constant battle that I am fearful that we could be losing.

It is fabulous how many gay boys and gay girls I see holding hands and kissing on the street. It takes great strength to be comfortable enough to do that in public, let alone on a street that at times seems so hostile. All the drag queens who walk up and down Oxford Street with their heads and hair high bring home the fact this should be the one street where everyone should feel comfortable. Thank you all for listening to this crazy showgirl and her ramblings.

Off to a completely different subject: Battle of the Bulge has come to an end. It has been three months already and we have finally found a winner. It has been an uphill battle for everyone. All contestants went into the competition gung-ho but they found the level of commitment needed to succeed was very hard. There were sore muscles, tears, screaming, pain and even an eviction. But everyone lost weight, and hopefully is a little bit fitter at the end of it.

Congratulations to Barry who lost over 20 kilos in the last 3 months. You truly kick some major arse in the gym and I am sure you’re turning many heads. A huge thank you has to go out to Glen (Candy) from Stonewall, Kath who did all our filming and Matt, our sexy personal trainer, who had to put up with a lot of craziness. And to all the sponsors who took a risk supporting a competition that wasn’t all about boys in underwear.

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