Greg Small withdraws from Mardi Gras election race

Greg Small withdraws from Mardi Gras election race

Greg Small has withdrawn as a candidate from next Saturday’s New Mardi Gras board election.

In a letter to Sydney Star Observer today Small said his new job would see him making regular and extended international trips, making it impossible to fulfill his directors’ duties should he be elected.

“While others who have been on the Board have also traveled extensively in the past due to work, I feel it’s not feasible or in the best interest of the organisation for me to be a candidate under these circumstances,” Small wrote.

“While I am passionate about the need for change and want to be involved in this change, the organisation must come first and hence my withdrawal.”

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Small used the statement to draw attention to what has been a very intense election campaign.

“The last three weeks have been what could be described in anyone’s language as disastrous for the organisation. The attacks, vilification of candidates and the campaign that has been waged by individuals has saddened me deeply,” he wrote.

“While I take responsibility for my own involvement in this, it does disturb me to see our community and organisation that we all love waged in civil war.

“I believe that every person who is involved in NMG does it for the right reasons. While at times our methodology may be different, our common drive and love for the organisation is the same.

“This is not a school yard. We don’t have to like everyone, but fundamentally we should show respect to each and every individual who puts there hand up for election.”

info: The New Mardi Gras annual general meeting at the NIDA Playhouse, 215 Anzac Pde, Kensington on August 21 from 1pm

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4 responses to “Greg Small withdraws from Mardi Gras election race”

  1. Hypocriscy at its best.

    Voting for a change by voting for the candidate/s who are using the Changes that have occured wihin Mardi Gras as their platforms?

    “I’m against the changes made – but vote for me to Change the way MG looks at things”
    Love it!

  2. Bugger. You were on my list to vote for. I agree with you Greg, and I will be voting for change at the AGM myself.


    Dear Candidates

    Please see attached letter from Greg Small. Greg has asked that I circulate this letter to each of you.

    Like Greg, I have also been disturbed by some of the behaviours being exhibited around this election. I wanted to raise with you one issue in particularly. It has come to my attention that there is a rumour that proxies are being paid for in one way or another by particular candidates.
    The matter has not been formally brought to me and I am well aware of the caution one must take when they are dealing with speculation and rumour.
    However, if information is brought to me supporting any such allegation (either before or after next week’s election), I will have no hesitation in referring the matter either to ASIC or the Federal Police.

    It goes without saying that any impropriety in connection with the election has the potential to cause significant damage to NMG’s reputation and brand and I do not accept the argument that those sorts of behaviours are a means justified by the ends.


    Peter Munro
    Company Secretary
    New Mardi Gras Limited(See attached file:

  4. “While I take responsibility for my own involvement in this…”

    What nonsense… “involvement”?… try “ringleader”.