Tasmanians to protest override of discrimination laws in Hobart

Tasmanians to protest override of discrimination laws in Hobart
Image: Photo: Diego Cambiaso/Flickr.

Equality Tasmania is convening a rally against discrimination in the name of religion in Hobart tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am, on the state Parliament Lawns.

The rally will protest against the proposed override of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act by the Federal Government’s draft Religious Discrimination Bill.

The rally will call for equal rights for all, not special rights for some.

“We’re Back! This time – regardless of rain or shine – we’re opposing the weakening of anti-discrimination laws!” organisers say.

“There’s No Religious Right To Discriminate! Show your opposition to the Federal Government weakening discrimination laws against LGBTIQ people and others. Stand up for for Tasmania’s strong discrimination laws.”

Speakers will include disability advocate Fiona Strahan, womens health advocate Jo Flanagan, former Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks, former Catholic school student Sam Watson, and leading LGBTQI rights advocate Rodney Croome.

For more details about the rally go to https://www.facebook.com/events/789265414823430/

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