Victoria Police, Protestors Clash At Melbourne’s Midsumma Pride March, One Arrested

Victoria Police, Protestors Clash At Melbourne’s Midsumma Pride March, One Arrested
Image: Victoria Police and protestors clashed at the Midsumma Pride march on February 4, 2024. Images: Instagram/X

One person was arrested after protesters clashed with the Victoria Police contingent at the Midsumma Pride march in Melbourne on Sunday, February 4, 2024, and threw paint bombs at them.

Videos uploaded on X (formerly Twitter) showed a group of around 50 protestors being pushed and shoved as they tried to disrupt around 100 Victoria Police officers, some with their families and children, who were marching in the Pride parade.

Speaking to the media, Victoria Police Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton called the protestors an “ugly rabble”.

“I have nothing but contempt for them,” Patton, who himself was at the Pride march, said. Patton praised his officers for showing “restraint”.

Disappointed, Says Victoria Police

“Victoria Police is disappointed that there was a small group of people intent on disrupting what is a proud and inclusive day,” a police spokesperson told Star Observer in a statement.

“The protesters, who were acting not in the spirit of the event, chose to confront Victoria Police members who were unarmed. Overwhelmingly many of the people marching today for Victoria Police are proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Today should be a celebration and not one of hate, we are proud of our members who were able to complete the march in a hostile environment.”

Ahead of the Pride march, a group calling itself QueerKillJoys had posted on Instagram about their intention to disrupt the march.

In a post, QueerKillJoys said they were a “collective of queers formed to destroy pinkwashing and assimilation. There is no pride on the stolen lands of so-called Australia and its ongoing genocide of First Nations’ Peoples. There is nothing to celebrate in genocide against Palestine.”

On Saturday, the group announced “CRASH the Midsumma pride march TOMORROW!…PRIDE MARCH JUMP IN WHEN YOU SEE US become a great and perhaps damaging influence.”

Queer Kill Joys


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In a statement provided to Star Observer, Victoria Police said that this was the 22nd year of the police marching in the Midsumma Pride march.

“The march included Victoria Police sworn officers, the Pipe Band, public servants, and Protective Services Officers. There were also a number of children marching alongside their parents as part of the Victoria Police contingent,” the police spokesperson said.

“Shortly after Victoria Police began their march, they were confronted by up to 50 protesters, about 1.50 pm. The protesters surrounded the Victoria Police contingent on three sides, attempting to stop members from marching.”

Chief Commissioner Patton said that the protestors threw paint bombs at the officers in uniform. and called them “killers”.

“The protesters continued to surround the Victoria Police members when the Public Order Response Team assisted in physically removing protesters from the area,” the police said.

According to Victoria Police, one person was arrested for assaulting a spectator and they were subsequently released pending investigation.

“Victoria Police will review any footage of the incident to determine if further police action is required,” the spokesperson added.

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