Ireland’s Non-Binary Eurovision Act Enrages Right-Wingers With “Satanism” & A Trans Flag

Ireland’s Non-Binary Eurovision Act Enrages Right-Wingers With “Satanism” & A Trans Flag
Image: Sources: Eurovision, Andres Poveda

Non-binary singer-songwriter and Irish Eurovision entrant Bambie Thug is making waves with their wild semi-final performance, being labelled as “demonic” and “Satanic” right-wingers. 

The song, Doomsday Blue, has given the nation of Ireland their first finalist position in the iconic song competition in 6 years, and it’s not hard to see why; the audacious performance of the song in the contest’s first semi-final is strong evidence for the necessity of excellent presentation in live performance. 

Bambie, who begins dressed in all-black with feather and horn adornments, smartly relies on a single dancer (looking similarly devilish) to put on a performance that feels appropriately ritualistic and theatrical. 

A key moment of this Doomsday Blue performance sees Bambie’s demonic dancer tear away their black clothing to reveal another outfit sporting the trans pride colours – a triumphant moment met with applause by the live audience. 

EuroVision fanatics praised Bambie’s standout performance. Users called them “the best performer in Eurovision”, and @Emilyyy praised the singer both wearing and waving the trans flag as a highly important move for the moment. 

Another point of praise came from Bambie’s subtle protest during the performance. Eurovision has faced criticism this year (including from Bambie) for Israel’s inclusion in the competition this year amidst ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

Bambie revealed that the European Broadcasting Union would not let them put the words ‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Freedom for Palestine’ at the end of their performance, and so they instead wrote the words on their body in the ancient Celtic language Ogham

Conservative reactions to Bambie Thug at Eurovision

Perhaps predictably, Bambie’s performance is being decried by conservatives on Twitter/X for its visuals and lyrics, as well as the singer’s non-binary identity and self-declaration as a ‘witch.’ 

Conservative Irish political candidate Rebecca Barrett labelled the performance as “literally demonic”, saying “our National broadcaster RTÉ are supporting this open witchcraft. Disgusting.” 

Criminally convicted far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson called it a “sick” Satanic ritual, and Oli London (best known for getting plastic surgery to look like Jimin from BTS) was clearly decrying the song for being about “witchcraft, casting spells and satanic sacrifice.” 

Another user asked “Why is this being normalised?! How are we at the stage of literally minimising actual Satanic worship and witchcraft?!”

However, many users mocked the “pearl-clutching” reaction to the performance, saying that those reacting to it couldn’t see it as a performance. 

“It’s a song. It’s an act,” said user Justin Deegan, while Conor Magahy said: “It is such a joy to witness all these soft headed Christofacists melting like snowflakes because of Bambie Thug.”

Bambie Thug’s response

The controversy is one that Bambie has experienced before – in an interview with Rolling Stone from March, when the song’s music video elicited similar responses, they said: “I think it was iconic to have created such uproar.

“I’m pissing off the right type of people – people who suppress love, compassion, understanding, people who are slaves to their programming, transphobes, the far-right and a few priests so it seems.

“These are all things that need a reform of consciousness and the heart. I will never silence my voice or my creativity for anyone. I’m not hurting anyone with my art and frankly the love I’ve received has far outweighed the hate tenfold.”

The grand final for Eurovision airs in Australia on SBS on Sunday May 12th at 5am, and will be replayed later that night at 7:30pm.

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One response to “Ireland’s Non-Binary Eurovision Act Enrages Right-Wingers With “Satanism” & A Trans Flag”

  1. Poor little frightened far right cowards
    How sad their lives must be for them to be so terrified by a young singer and dancer giving a performance

    It’s not like Bambi Thug was supporting hate violence repression or the removal of freedoms as so many far right groups have done and still do.

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