Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy commits to public education overhaul if elected

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy commits to public education overhaul if elected
Image: Image: Matthew Guy / Facebook.

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has said the Liberals will scrap Safe Schools if elected.

The change would be part of a massive public education overhaul, according to The Age.

The Liberals would also remove three existing cross-curriculum priorities from school subjects: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and sustainability.

The party said those topics “serve only to dilute the teaching of core competencies; namely, literacy, numeracy and writing skills”.

Liberal leader Guy and Nationals leader Peter Walsh said in a joint statement that the changes were intended to allow focus on “the basics”.

“Three critical elements of our education system have broken down in recent years: teaching the basics, maintaining discipline and instilling sound values,” they said.

“Basic literacy and numeracy skills remain the foundation for meaningful employment, and need to be the foundation of our curriculum.”

The opposition also vowed to replace the controversial Safe Schools program with a broader anti-bullying program rather than an LGBTI-focused one.

Victorian Minister for Equality Martin Foley recently promised that Safe Schools would remain safe under a Labor government.

As well as in Victoria, the Liberal Party has promised to scrap Safe Schools in South Australia if elected.

Safe Schools became a political point during the marriage equality debate, becoming characterised as “radical gender ideology” by opponents of same-sex marriage.

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2 responses to “Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy commits to public education overhaul if elected”

  1. We already have a bullying program in place and it is doing little to prevent it. The LGBTI community will just be swept under the rug if they replace the Safe Schools program and children who have different sexuality and gender preferences will suffer for it.
    There needs to be a program for the LGBTI community to help children feel accepted. There will be no such measures in place if the Safe Schools program is scrapped.

    This is why I am becoming disillusioned by the government. Once they fulfill one promise, they don’t feel obligated to live up to the rest. Well, hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work that way. Do you want to provide a safer environment for LGBTI kids to learn? Then step up and keep that promise.

  2. As if there isn’t already a “broader anti-bullying program” in place in every school forming the foundation for Safe Schools. It is a matter legal liability and expected standards.