Netherlands: Christian Democrats most gay

Netherlands: Christian Democrats most gay

The Netherlands’ Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) has been revealed to be its pinkest, after the country’s finance minister Jan Kees de Jager (pictured) revealed he is in a same-sex relationship.

Kees de Jager told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf his partner would accompany him to official functions in the future.

“I can tell you that I am very happy with him,” the 42-year old de Jager said, while stressing that his love life was a private matter.

Other prominent gay Christian Democrats include former economic affairs minister Joop Wijn, one of a handful of Christian Democrats who voted for same-sex marriage, and Gerda Verburg, who became the first openly lesbian member of a

Dutch cabinet in 2007 as the country’s agriculture, nature and food quality minister.

Gay Krant newspaper reported that the CDA, which also has Jewish, Muslim and Hindu MPs, has the most openly gay politicians across all levels of government.

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