Out Gay Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham Joins OnlyFans 

Out Gay Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham Joins OnlyFans 
Image: Matthew Mitcham. Images: Instagram

Out gay Australian Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham has joined OnlyFans and given people a preview of what to expect, teasing his new profile with some thirst traps. 

The retired Australian athlete, who came out as gay in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, was the first out gay man to win an individual Olympic gold medal. 

Mitcham teased his adult content platform before Christmas last year, posting to Twitter that he had bitten the bullet and decided to create an OnlyFans account to “show a side of me that is not acceptable for other social platforms”.

He explained that he would not be performing “sexual acts” but that it would be a place for viewers to see “more of me than you normally would”. 

Mitcham Made A Cameo On Husband’s OnlyFans Page

The Olympic athlete’s husband of three years, Luke Rutherford, already has an established presence on the online subscription platform and shares sexually explicit content there. Rutherford’s OnlyFans page is run under the pseudonym, Mr Male Massage, where he posts explicit videos of him giving massages to people. 

Mitcham announced last year that he was making a surprise cameo on his husband’s account and announced that there would be uncensored images of him shared with subscribers. 

Matthew Mitcham
Matthew Mitcham and husband Luke Rutherford. Image: Instagram

Last month, he celebrated seven years of sobriety following a long and difficult journey of alcohol and drug addiction that almost stopped his professional athletic career. 

He announced the seven-year news on Instagram, writing that he felt the “happiest and healthiest I have ever been”. 

Seven Years Sober

Matthew Mitcham. Image: Instagram

In the post, he explained that he needed to find sobriety due to his dependence on external things “to solve internal issues”, and despite still having these issues, he now had “internal solutions” to solve them. 

“I hope everyone has had (or is still having) a fun-filled festive season, and if one day you wake up and think “enough’s enough” like I did seven years ago, just know that there is lots of help available if you ask for it”, he wrote. 

The athlete spoke to Pink News, describing his past abuse of drugs and alcohol as symptomatic of “depression rather than the other way around”. 

On Joining OnlyFans

Matthew Mitcham. Image: Instagram

He reflected on his experience as a volunteer at Controlling Chemsex, a charity that provides support to people who use drugs to enhance sex, stating that it was “all about self-esteem”.

“I used to have such poor self-esteem that I was completely dependent on all of these external sources to make myself feel better”, Mitcham said. 

He has shared some risqué content on Twitter, with the link to his OnlyFans profile. 

Mitcham captioned his first OnlyFans post, saying, “A lot of people have asked very politely for me to start my own OnlyFans, and how could I refuse such good manners?!”

His profile is now live and has at least 45 pieces of content shared on his account. 


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