Out Gay Brazilian Politician David Miranda Dies Aged 37

Out Gay Brazilian Politician David Miranda Dies Aged 37
Image: David Miranda. Image: Twitter

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva led tributes to out gay former Congress member David Miranda, who died in Rio de Janeiro, aged 37.

The news of Miranda’s passing was announced by his husband American journalist and lawyer Glenn Greenwald. 

“It is with the most profound sadness that I announce the passing away of my husband, David Miranda. He would have turned 38 tomorrow,” Greenwald announced on Tuesday. 

Greenwald and Miranda raised  two adopted sons, João and Jonathan.”His death, early this morning, came after a 9-month battle in ICU. He died in full peace, surrounded by our children and family and friends.” 

An Extraordinary Trajectory

President Lula took to social media to send condolences to the family. “A young man with an extraordinary trajectory who left too soon,” Lula said. 

In 2016, Miranda became the first out gay councillor in Rio de Janeiro. Three years later in 2019, he was elected to Brazil’s Congress. TIME magazine named in their list of Next Generation’s Leaders. He was admitted to the ICU in August 2022 after suffering a gastrointestinal infection. 

“David’s life was extraordinary in all ways. His mother died when he was 5, leaving him an orphan in Jacarezinho,” Greenwald said. “But a beautiful and compassionate neighbor, Dona Eliane, took him in despite four children of her own and deep poverty, became his mom, gave him a chance for a life.”

“That gave David the chance to live his full potential in a society that often suffocates it. He was key to the Snowden story, became the first gay man elected to Rio’s City Council, then federal Congress at 32. He inspired so many with his biography, passion, and force of life,” said Greenwald. 

A Husband And A Father

Greenwald spoke about the couple’s fatherhood journey. “But by far David’s biggest dream, what gave him the greatest pride and purpose, was being a father. He was the most dedicated and loving parent. He taught me how to be a father. And our truly exceptional boys – with their own difficult start to live – is his greatest legacy.”

“When David arrived at the hospital last August 6, I was told there was little chance he’d survive the week. I heard the same 3 times since. He refused, in classic David style. The last 4 months gave our family the most beautiful moments together.”

“David was singular: the strongest, most passionate, most compassionate man I’ve known. Nobody had a bad word for him. I can’t describe the loss and pain. I’ll do my best to honor his legacy: our children and our NGOs. And I know so many will celebrate him and his impact,” added Greenwald. 

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