Hannah Mouncey receives all-clear for state AFLW

Hannah Mouncey receives all-clear for state AFLW
Image: Photo: Twitter / Hannah Mouncey.

The AFL has determined that Hannah Mouncey will be allowed to play in the women’s league at state level.

The trans footballer, who made headlines last year when she was controversially banned from the AFLW draft, will now be allowed to play in any AFL-affiliated state league, The Age has reported.

The AFL executive signed off a recommendation from legal head Andrew Dillon and general manager of inclusion and social policy Tanya Hosch to allow Mouncey to play.

After playing for the Australian Capital Territory’s Ainslie Football Club last year, she is now free to return to AFLW.

“We are committed to inclusion, and want all Australians to be able to play or participate in our game. These are complex issues and we are considering expert opinion, international frameworks and feedback from the communities that are impacted by our decisions,’’ said Hosch.

Mouncey announced on Twitter last night that she would be allowed to return to AFLW.

She was hit immediately with a barrage of abuse and bullying comments.

Some social media users have called her “a bloke as a chick”, a “tranny” and worse.

Mouncey has posted the transphobic messages on her Twitter account, publicly shaming those who have been abusive to her.

However, far outweighing the comments of hate have been dozens of kind messages.

Fans, pride organisations and friends have messaged Mouncey to congratulate her on the win.

The AFL is currently finalising its gender diversity policy, following discussions with legal, medical, football and human rights experts.


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One response to “Hannah Mouncey receives all-clear for state AFLW”

  1. Charming. Lots and lots of blokes seem very angry, don’t they? I mean, I know male AFL players cop a lot too but that’s from opposition fans. Hannah hasn’t even announced who she’s playing for!!

    If you’ve sent Hannah an abusive message, just put down your phone and admit you’ve got some nasty psycho-sexual issues going on in your own mind. It’s the first step towards being a much happier person.