Internet Nearly Explodes Over Troye Sivan Giving Ross Lynch A Lapdance On Stage

Internet Nearly Explodes Over Troye Sivan Giving Ross Lynch A Lapdance On Stage
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Over the weekend at London’s Wembley Stadium, Troye Sivan brought out an old friend for a raunchy on-stage lapdance: actor/musician Ross Lynch, from his music video ‘One of Your Girls’.

Sivan nearly broke the internet when the erotic music video was released. Now, the duo have caused fans (and anyone with a libido, tbh) to go into a tailspin after Sivan brought Lynch out on stage for a lapdance during his Wembley Stadium performance in London.

Mania over One of Your Girls video

The video for ‘One of Your Girls’ features the superstar in stunning femme drag, dancing for a hypermasc James Dean-esque Lynch.

The video shows a heightened sexual fantasy that is well-known to a good portion of the queer community: a straight, hyper masculine man, successfully being seduced by a gay man.

During a listening party for the album earlier in the year, reported Sivan said the song was ‘inspired by his experiences of sleeping with straight and questioning men. He also pondered the “internalised homophobia” of being attracted to guys who “would probably bully me in high school,” and explained that he sought to capture those complex feelings in the video.’

“The sort of fantasy of it all, the attraction of it all, me bending myself to be what I think you might want,” he said. “And then also the vulnerability and the feeling afterwards.”


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Video of Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch on stage goes viral

Sivan and Lynch reprised their roles on stage at Wembley, reprising the titillating choreography from the music video.

The audience went wild for the performance, as did Sivan and Lynch fans on the internet:

While Lynch’s appearance on stage appears to be a one-off, Sivan continues his tour, which next heads to the US.

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