Trough: Seven Nights A Week Every Week In Sydney’s Former ‘Headquarters’ Venue

Trough: Seven Nights A Week Every Week In Sydney’s Former ‘Headquarters’ Venue
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The Sydney Crown Street cruise club recently known as ‘Trade’ and before that ‘Headquarters’ has been bought by new owners who are set to create a buzz and revitalise interest in the sex-on-premises venue.

That’s because it has been bought by one of the most-loved sexy nightclub brands in the country: Trough. Trough is so loved that their Sydney events regularly sell out, and their notorious Melbourne events often contain a whole bunch of horny men who’ve flown down from Sydney, especially for the action!

Now they won’t need to travel as far; the new owners plan to open the Sydney venue seven days a week.

Trough Sydney. Image: supplied

“After years of reductive Sydney laws and liberties, we’re res-erecting Trough X to help sex-up the Oxford Street gaybourhood once again. You’re welcum!” its cheeky new owners say.

Whilst they stress the club will predominantly be for male-identifying gays/queers they will be hosting special events and parties throughout the year focused on the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientations with the LGBTQIA+ sex-positive and fetish communities.

Trough. Image: supplied

Their aim is to provide “an alternative space for cruising, clubbing and dancing all under the one roof.” Every Saturday will host a dance and cruise party.

Sundays will be ‘fuck club’ – exclusive to male-identifying / queer patrons – perfect for after those late afternoon drinks that leave you feeling a little randy!

Monday to Friday will be a bar and cruise club and special events, hand-picked from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Born in Melbourne / Naarm, Trough has for twenty years been offering sexy events for gay/queer men worldwide. But Sydney proved trickier than other cities with its punitive lockdown laws killing many after-hours nightlife.

Trough nightlife. Image: supplied

Subsequently, the Crown Street cruise club formerly known as Trade/Headquarters had a small but devoted following. This looks set to change with Trough X inviting in its much broader legion of devoted and toey fans.

Whilst new owners of other venues have come and gone, this feels different. As a gay-owned and gay-run event with a long history of hosting successful, packed and very, very hot events for gay men who enjoy expressing their sex and sexuality in a safe and welcoming space, the somewhat neglected cruise club looks like it’ll truly be set aflame by Trough’s huge existing list, plus newbies curious to explore the newly owned venue.

Trough scene. Image: supplied

How do they plan to pack it out every night of every week though?

“With respect, patience, education and an open mind,” they say. “You’re welcum!”

With such saucy puns and optimistic confidence, who could resist?

273 Crown Street, Sydney

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