City of Sydney Moves To Facilitate Statewide LGBT Local Government Safety Summit

City of Sydney Moves To Facilitate Statewide LGBT Local Government Safety Summit

City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore will move to facilitate and endorse a Statewide LGBTQI Local Government Safety Summit at tonight’s city council meeting. 

In collaboration with ACON and Local Government NSW, the one-day, in-person Summit will bring Councils, NSW Government agencies, and law enforcement together with LGBTQI community organisations and researchers. 

Will Work To Mitigate Risk And Enhance Safety

According to a statement from the City of Sydney, ACON will develop a “comprehensive program of presentations and workshops focused on mitigating risk, and enhancing safety,” as well as highlighting successful case studies. 

The Summit will aim to raise awareness of anti-LGBTQI threats, facilitate collaboration among local government and the community.

It will also work to and “develop a coordinated response plan to mitigate risks and improve safety.”

In a statement to Star Observer, independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich backed the proposed LGBTIQ+ Safety Summit.

“I strongly support and welcome the Lord Mayor’s LGBTIQ+ Safety Summit proposal, and hope to contribute by bringing state government agencies to the summits to address the growing community safety concerns,” Greenwich said. 

An Increase In Anti-Queer Sentiment

Oxford Street has seen an increase in anti-LGBTQI sentiment, with Queer communities facing both verbal and physical abuse

As a result, in April, police increased their presence in the Queer precinct. 

Many in the Community have blamed Noir, a recently opened, straight nightclub, that has attracted homophobic patrons to Oxford Street. 

Noir Patrons Blamed For Homophobic Abuse

In early June, in a conversation with Star Observer, drag performer Kiama Blowhole shared her experiences walking past the club.

“My experience from Noir has been nothing but negative, just from walking by the club on my way to a shift at the bar I work at, I’ve received abuse thrown at me in the form of homophobic hate comments from their patrons waiting in line,” she said.

“I’ve had dozen[s] of friends who have had the same situation happen to them if not worse.”

On June 21, in a statement addressing the anti-LGBQI abuse, Noir management said, 

“Significant measures are in the works to rectify and eradicate any form of anti-social behaviour and ensure the safety of everyone on the street, regardless of race, gender, colour, or creed. 

“We believe in equality for all, and will not tolerate anything less for anyone in or around our community.”


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