Fraser Anning calls Safe Schools “sexually deviant propaganda” in speech

Fraser Anning calls Safe Schools “sexually deviant propaganda” in speech
Image: Fraser Anning. Image: Facebook / Fraser Anning.

Senator Fraser Anning of the Katter Australia Party has gone on a homophobic and transphobic tirade about “Commo perverts” in the Senate and on Twitter.

Anning made headlines last month over his maiden Senate speech in which he said “there are only two genders” and used the term “final solution” in reference to ending Muslim migration to Australia.

The senator’s social media meltdown came following yet another wild speech in Parliament on Tuesday, in which he called the program – which no is no longer funded by either the federal or Queensland governments – “institutionalised child abuse”.

The speech attempted to detail a decades-long conspiracy of how “deviants” have infiltrated politics and society in an attempt to create a new world order founded on the deconstruction of “traditional values and the white family”, heavily citing the writings of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci.

Anning’s tweets were, in large part, excerpted from his speech – which was ultimately cut off when he ran out of time.

“Fifty years ago, if a communist pervert had proposed that our nation’s children be forced to listen to sexually deviant propaganda, they would probably have been strung up,” he said.

“Today, this disgusting garbage is called the Safe Schools program.

“When the schools that we trust to look after our children force them at a pre-sexual age to discuss sexual concepts about which they have no understanding, and even, disgustingly, engage in homosexual role- playing, this is simply institutionalised child abuse.

“Whether you identify as a boy, or a girl, wearing different clothes, it makes no difference.

“Even if you start having bits chopped off, you are actually only deluding yourself. You are and remain until the day you die either male or female, as God made you,” Anning said.

“In critical theory, ethnic and religious minorities, radical feminists, sexual deviants, Third World immigrants and antisocial criminals could take the place of the proletariat to create a post-communist revolution, deconstructing traditional values and the white family.

“The real goal of the Safe Schools Commo perverts is absolutely nothing to do with safety in schools or compassion. Safe schools is a dangerous and degenerate program.”

Users on social media reacted with alarm at Anning’s meltdown.

“Seriously, has someone broken Fraser Anning? The bot appears to be malfunctioning badly and spewing forth random information from IPA pamphlets,”  one user said.

“Child abuse? I suppose that the being belted to a pulp element of my schooling was just people being friendly, under your reasoning?” tweeted another.

“I’m proud to have been one of the federal steering members of that program. It stopped kids suiciding. Grow up.”

Anning was elected to the Senate after One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts was found ineligible to hold the position as a result of the citizenship crisis.

He chose not to represent One Nation in the Senate, sitting as an independent until joining the Katter Australia Party in June.

Anning today expressed support for Pauline Hanson’s desire to move a motion in the Senate acknowledging “the rise of anti-white racism” and that “it is okay to be white”.

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4 responses to “Fraser Anning calls Safe Schools “sexually deviant propaganda” in speech”

  1. It turns out I need to give a Fraser Anning “how was I to know ‘final solution’ was Hitler terminology” apology to Fraser Anning.

    I heard folks accusing Fraser of being a Nazi. I stepped in and corrected them. His maiden speech was nationalistic by anyone’s definition, sure, and he’s a member of the Katter Party which advocates strong government intervention in the economy, particularly as this relates to agriculture, so that’s by anyone’s definition socialist. So I pointed out Fraser Anning is not a Nazi, he’s a National Socialist.

    How was I to know national socialist was Hitler’s terminology for what we now call Nazi as it’s now been pointed out to me? Apologies to the extent I was confused and therefore wrong.

    Fraser Anning is one confusing bastard. Fraser and Hitler both need to tidy up their terminology or else I’ll keep confusing them.

  2. There is nothing newsworthy.
    His only skill is his penchant for poor publicity by deriding all those within reach he can lay his hands on .

  3. I think this is a victory for real free speech! It allows everyone to see the sheer ignorance, bigotry and ugliness that comes out in this huge bile spit. Let him say what he likes. The more he spews the more obvious his dislocation from intelligence and today’s world becomes ever more obvious to anyone with slightly more brain cells than he has.

  4. I guess it’s inevitable the more removed we become from the conservative christian fifties values that kept many of us hidden in fear of our lives, that those that found those times a safe haven from the true prevalence of human diversity will become so frustrated that they’ll explode like this dickhead obviously is. It’s really quite difficult to begin to pick apart this incoherent rant mixing communism, racism, heterosexism, religion, in fact everything that this guy doesn’t understand and thus is confronted by, becomes all bundled up as one and thrown back at the rest of us as an absolute nonsensical rant. And people vote for this shit!