Mark Latham attacks ‘trans marriage’ in Twitter rant

Mark Latham attacks ‘trans marriage’ in Twitter rant
Image: Mark Latham. Image: YouTube / Rebel Media

Mark Latham’s latest rant on Twitter has targeted trans people in relation to the marriage equality debate.

“Marriage between ‘two people’ clearly includes transgender marriage,” he wrote.

“I support gay marriage but not state-approved gender fluidity.

“Wording of Marriage Act amendments the key. Should write in gay marriage provision, not sweeping ‘two people’ clause including transgender.

“The left now saying they have invented 250 types of sexuality. Marriage between ‘two people’ = SSM + 249 other sexuality types. Be aware!!”

When asked if he was transphobic, Latham responded, “Here come the leftist slurs. I am pro-science. Biological fact of people born male or female. How people live their lives up to them but don’t expect state approval in law when this gender fluidity is then used for neo-Marxist Safe Schools indoctrination of children.”

Twitter users have rushed to point out that trans people are already able to marry someone of the opposite sex.

“More confusion as to what transgender marriage law actually means,” Latham replied.

“If you don’t understand it, don’t vote for it.”

Voters have until August 24 to enrol or update their details to ensure they can vote in the upcoming postal poll on marriage equality.

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2 responses to “Mark Latham attacks ‘trans marriage’ in Twitter rant”

  1. Transgender people have had the right to marry since 2001 – about the time Latham was opposition leader. Too bad he wasn’t paying attention.

  2. Latham has no idea about science. If he did, he’d certainly be aware that biology is not always as simple as male or female. The fact that he wants to claim there is no such thing as biologically intersex people (also other species of animal) as scientific fact just goes to show was a pathetic, desperate liar he is.

    There are trans people who are not biologically intersex of course, we know very little of the detail about how the brain works which explains this, but Latham pretends to know all about it. I look forward to him publishing his extensive and meticulous research. Else I look forward to him retracting his mumbo-jumbo pseudo-science.