Life no longer ‘ruined’, Milo Yiannopoulos is writing a book about Australia

Life no longer ‘ruined’, Milo Yiannopoulos is writing a book about Australia
Image: Image: Milo Yiannopoulos / Instagram.

Alt-right figurehead Milo Yiannopoulos has declared he is writing a book about Australia, suggesting it is the last bastion of free speech.

The self-professed troll last made headlines in August for a Facebook meltdown in which he claimed to “have lost everything”.

In the rant, Yiannopoulos claimed he deserved credit for being a “significant factor” in Donald Trump being elected President.

“For my trouble, I have lost everything standing up for the truth in America, spent all my savings, destroyed all my friendships, and ruined my whole life,” he said in August.

On Thursday night, the former Breitbart editor appeared on The Bolt Report on Sky News to promote the book and his upcoming tour of Australia.

He said the book will be titled Australia, You’re My Only Hope. His previous book, Dangerous, was reported to have sold vastly fewer copies than Yiannopoulos publicly claimed.

“Australia is the one last remaining bastion of free speech where people can actually crack a joke and not get fired,” Yiannopoulos told Andrew Bolt.

“It’s my survey of the state of affairs – of free speech, feminism, political correctness – the little diseases, cancers and toxins trying to infect the Australian body politic,” he said.

Yiannopoulos referenced “the ridiculous obsequiousness about Welcome to Country” and “the free speech crisis on campus” as ways in which freedom of speech is being eroded in Australia.

It was reported in July that Yiannopoulos had yet to pay the $50,000 bill sent to him over the additional police presence at protests of his last speaking tour.

This unpaid debt is referenced in his Facebook screed, which he begins by saying he has spent “literally millions of dollars trying to do talks, speeches, events, rallies and protests”.

“A lot of that money was my own wealth, from before I even started in journalism.

“My events almost never happen. It’s protests, or sabotage from Republican competitors or social media outcries. Every time, it costs me tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he wrote.

He called out his followers for not getting sufficiently outraged when he is dropped from events over platforming racist, homophobic and transphobic views, and for not defending the likes of noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was faked.

There is no public announcement from any publisher about this new book, suggesting – like Dangerous – Yiannopoulos may once again turn to self-publishing.

Of Yiannopoulos, who promised a “slightly kinder, slightly gentler” version of himself on his upcoming tour, Bolt said, “He makes you think, and I love thinking.”

Yiannopoulos’s late-November will be co-headlined by Fox News pundit Ann Coulter, who last year suggested the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas was “God’s punishment” for Houston electing an out lesbian as mayor.

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3 responses to “Life no longer ‘ruined’, Milo Yiannopoulos is writing a book about Australia”

  1. Why are you giving this self-loathing homo any space at all? He’s nothing to say and a lot of time to say it, but let’s not give him any more space. He’s a total hypocrite about gay marriage (he married a man but decries it as evil) and supports Trump. Enough said.

    • Excellent comment, nothing wrong, but I can answer the question as to why this douche is a “celebrity” who gets media coverage. It’s the “antifa” left, who protest him as if he’s some sort of real threat. This means he’s “controversial” and attracts rightwing media coverage as per the likes of Andrew Bolt.

      Antifa need to shut the fuck up. Disagree with clowns like this, sure, but take a grown-up decision to recognise that he’s zero threat to anything as long as nobody makes a big deal and watch a movie. It’s a much better result for your time and effort.

      Also, whoever posted under the username “Milo is bad for your teeth” is a five-star genius. I love it so much.