A fix for old age

A fix for old age

Beauty is only skin deep is an old saying that, in today’s Peter Pan world, has gained new meaning.

Originally used to treat cerebral palsy, Botox is the magic toxin now used to cure smokers’ lips and neck wrinkles. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Joseph Hkeik says Botox has changed many lives both physically and mentally.

The injectable drug contains a tiny amount of the botulinum toxin, which blocks the transmission of acetylcholine from the nerves to the muscles, disallowing the muscles to retract. As a result, the wrinkled area smoothes out and softens.

If used in the right hands you can get fantastic results, Hkeik told Sydney Star Observer.

Botox can fix crow’s feet caused when you smile and when you lift your eyebrows. It is also used to stop extreme sweating on the forehead and under the arms.

With the forever-young generation growing older, over 60 percent of cosmetic users are women and but the male proportion is obviously growing.

I do have lesbian clients but around 80 percent of males who come into my surgery are gay, he said.

In the past there have been stories of complications ranging from droopy eyes to botulism poisoning but Hkeik assures the community that cases like this are very rare. Mild weakness or paralysis of the eye and eyebrow can also occur in two percent of cases and usually lasts two to three weeks.

It’s becoming a social thing and the results are very natural and no one can tell. Generally the side effects include bruising and redness but this heals within two to four days.

There have been some cases of drooping from injecting into the wrong area. When you choose a doctor, they should be well experienced and not one just out of university.

These days the rich and famous are not the only ones cashing in on the wrinkle fix. An average treatment involves 20 to 24 units of Botox per area and costs around $330. It generally takes about four to five days to see results and lasts for three to four months.

This year Botox enthusiasts are holding parties where party-goers have social drinks and then have injections carried out by Botox cowboys -“ but before you ride the bull you must be over 18 and in a healthy condition.

For more information, see www.allsaintscosmedical.com.au.

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