Big ideas

Big ideas

In the last week we have heard a lot about big ideas for the future of Australia. Following the 2020 Summit last weekend, we thought it would be a good time to canvass some big ideas of our own for discussion. What kind of Australia does our community want to live in by 2020?

The 58 ’08 campaign is focused on achieving practical equality for lesbians, gay men and their children in 2008 in a range of financial and work-related areas of law. Much of this will be done by achieving recognition of same-sex couples as de facto.

But looking further down the track to 2020, wouldn’t we be proud of an Australia that was leading the world with a first-class relationship recognition system -“ a relationship recognition system based on the universal values of full equality, respect, celebration and acceptance?
What about the idea of gay and lesbian parents and families being recognised and celebrated as lawful, and not subject to social, legal and economic exclusion?

When we turn our minds to our country’s education system -“ touted as critical to our future productivity -“ what about the idea of every child in Australia attending school without the fear of homophobic abuse?

And what about not only having Federal legislation protecting us from discrimination based on sexuality, but boosting this legislation with a government-funded positive reward system for employers who are GLBT champions?

This is all possible and achievable. But our voices need to be heard. And loudly.

You’ve started those voices, with over 900 letters to the Attorney-General in the 58 ’08 campaign. We will be taking your voices to Federal and State politicians over coming weeks. We have also been invited to the Attorney-General’s NGO forum on domestic human rights issues. And we are, for the first time, going to be taking our community’s issues on parenting to the Family Law Council of Australia on 1 May. We welcome your ideas and thoughts on the kind of Australia our community wants for the future.

Please make your voices heard through our website, at

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