Day the circus came to town

Day the circus came to town

Roll up, roll up. Under the big top last weekend (that is a circus tent, not a well-endowed man) we saw most of Sydney celebrating the Midnight Shift’s 23rd birthday. And to say the Shift spared no expense would be an understatement. Stepping into the club was like taking a walk down sideshow alley.

Saturday night’s extravaganza kicked off with the ringmaster and this year’s DIVA poster girl, Dallas Dellaforce, whipping the audience into a frenzy. Performers included a fire-eater/dancer, a man who balanced on chairs all the way up to the ceiling, a contortionist and, by the end of the night, quite a few bearded ladies (if you know what I mean). To be brutally honest, after I finished work I jumped into a taxi and was feeling like I just couldn’t be arsed going out let alone celebrating a birthday. But by the time I reached the top of the stairs, the feeling had changed.

Granted I did leave early, due only to the fact that I did have to work the next day downstairs at the Shift for the annual staff show.

And what a show it was! Hosted by the grand dame of drag, Trudi Valentine, the show consisted of 12 of the usually butch barmen all in touch with their feminine sides and strutting their stuff like professionals. With names like Anita Bump-O-Kay and Mary-Kate Olsen, the show was set to be a success before it even started. Penny Tration and I made special appearances as clowns just to keep the circus atmosphere alive and as well there was a surprise topless/pasties Les Girls-esque number performed by Penny, which had all of the crowd hooting with delight.

So when all the celebrations have finished and all the mess has been cleaned up, I must say a special thank you to the staff, management and Brooke and Tim. It is a pleasure to work with and for you at the Midnight Shift. I am sure we will still have just as much fun when it turns 40.

EYESPY Okay, let’s face it, my new phone looks amazing and can do all sorts of different and crazy things, but do you think it can deliver a message on time? I am sorry I didn’t get Bruce Dixon’s message in time re the Annie’s Bar reunion. I heard it was a huge success, with almost everyone from the old Annie’s Bar returning. I must say a special thank you from Polly Petrie to Annie for your donation. You’re a legend.

Is it just me or does it take almost half an hour to get into any venue on the weekends? Both Friday and Saturday the lines at the Shift and Stonewall were huge. Who said that the cold weather will keep us at home?

Who was the girl? I am talking about the second contortionist at the Midnight Shift’s Saturday night party. Though she wasn’t as flexible as the first she did have the crowd cheering in encouragement.

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