Over the next few weeks the cosmos will be stirring the pot of our subconscious mind.

Pluto is currently retrograding and will be going back into Sagittarius from 14 June. The most potent period is 16-25 June because Pluto goes opposite the sun and Venus. This will have an alchemic effect on us that is like a squeezing, oozing and drawing out of our hidden sexual desires.

We have both dark and light in us. Dark is the thoughts and desires we have that we keep to ourselves and wouldn’t admit to another human being through fear of being judged or ostracised.

Other issues that may come up are power and self-esteem issues.

The only way through is to admit to yourself your fantasies and personal truths. If you don’t deal with them, they could get out of hand so own them, explore them and express them in a safe, supportive environment.

Our sexuality is a potent life force to be harnessed and used as a fuel for life. There is no right or wrong -” just mutual consent. Enjoy this delicious time.


There are circumstances centred on your progression from the average person to someone with significance in life. This can be either self-esteem matters or purely wanting better for yourself. Whatever your true passion, you’ll be more inclined to want to do something with it in your everyday life. You could find it in your current circle.


There is change in assets with a partner involved. Your job could lead you to relocate or there’s a big overhaul of your self-image. This period is giving you the opportunity to work on those things that hold worth for you. Make sure you are included in the list. Don’t worry about poor past choices.


This is a big time for some Geminis and it can be a little uncomfortable in areas. Whether you admit it or not there are key relationships playing a part. If you have glossed over things in the past and they’ve now become conditioned behaviour, it’s really important to recognise it now. Personal development takes honesty.


Some of your hunches have paid off and certain feelings have been right. This period is highly charged for extrasensory perceptions. You can learn to distinguish between what to trust and what doesn’t feel right. Quiet periods at home will be good for you and a significant other. You will be able to hold important talks now.


Another piece of the puzzle may have fallen in place as you’ve found new ideas for old situations. Old acquaintances make an entrance in some Leos’ lives to give them a good look at what has changed about them. It makes you feel good when you see how much you’ve grown and that change really isn’t that bad.


The parts of our lives that we celebrate as the good old days are thought to never come back. Of course we’ll never get it all back but every now and then we find remnants trickle through. Work could be causing some stresses at the moment so maybe some nostalgia could help. Work won’t be a stress for too long.


As more developments occur you’ll begin to understand how much more there is to know. Your leadership abilities have been exercised a lot lately and it doesn’t look like slowing down. Among your peers will be where you have your biggest role to play. With Pluto back in Sagittarius your communication skills will hold power.


Clearing out the cobwebs and getting in touch with your confidence will carry on for a little while longer. You’re getting the opportunity to relive how you felt a couple of months ago with regards to your skills and talents. Reminders are good for getting back on track and rekindling the inspiration to tackle new obstacles.


Pluto has moved back into your sign making an opposition to the sun and Venus in Gemini. This will show you how much of an influence you have on your relationships and vice versa. There is a good lesson to take away from this as you can fix what went wrong or accept that it needs to be left in the past.


Your daily duties will change significantly as will some health issues. Your money and someone else’s will also need attention. Whatever upheavals and changes that are occurring are going to require a lot of focus in order to regain balance. You don’t have to do it all alone, so rely on others when necessary.


A few months ago many Aquarians were given a glimpse at what their future held. There was so much going on work-wise and love-wise. At this moment you are in the future you had the glimpse of. A very rare opportunity exists where you currently can replay a few scenarios and make up for where you missed out before.


There is a situation that feels reminiscent of one before. Like Aquarius, there is an element of your past showing up again. The difference now is that you have the power to do something about it because you are wiser and have undergone a few changes yourself. Make perfect use of this time as we don’t often get second chances.

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