Getting together to party

Getting together to party

Get Together was one of the most memorable parties on the circuit last year thanks largely to the great organisation and the appearance of Aussie band Sneaky Sound System lighting up the dancefloor.

A lot of people have been asking whether Fag Tag and Bitch will come together again in 2008 to deliver another great dance party and the answer is yes.

Get Together 2008 will take place at the popular Oxford Art Factory on Saturday 7 June and this time renowned diva Inaya Day will be dropping by.

I’ve got so many fond memories of last year’s party. It was the first time that two forward-thinking gay and lesbian brands got together for a co-branded party, Fag Tag founder Tim Duggan said.

Too often the boys do their own thing and the girls something different, but the dynamic when the two get together is so much fun.

Oxford Art Factory’s got two rooms, a great large stage which is perfect for performance, and the latest technology to make it a rocking party. We’ve also searched high and low to find interesting entertainment on the night that we know can deliver.

Duggan said the recipe for a successful party was pretty simple, but also difficult to get just right.

A good venue can make or break a party. Add music that gets people into the right mood, a fun up-for-it crowd and you’re halfway to having a great party, he said.

It’s been a long time coming that a gay and a lesbian promoter got together to create big parties. I love the Bitch crowd because they are fun, really into their music, all up for having a good night and great to party with.

As well as chart-topping soul singer Inaya Day flying in from New York for the event, DJs Alex Taylor, Sista P, Chip, Kate Monroe, Neroli (Brisbane), Jason Barry, Beatrix, GI Jode and Renae Stanton will be keeping the party atmosphere high.

The event is going to be one of the hottest festivities over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. There are also plans to extend the party theme as a year-round concept, with a date for summer yet to be scheduled.

Part of the proceeds from the event will go to ACON.

Continuing the decade’s long tradition that we’ve upheld for the last few years, Get Together will be a fundraiser for ACON. Both Renee [Schembri] and I feel it’s very important that this is maintained to help raise awareness and funds for the important work that they do, Duggan said.

Inaya will be joined by other special live acts that we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks. On the decks, Get Together continues the fun tradition that we started last year where all the DJs will be playing back-to-back, working off each other’s energy to create something fun and unique.

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