Gillard: You will never marry under me

Gillard: You will never marry under me

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told The Australian  that she will not change her mind on same-sex marriage while she is in power. Despite her lack of faith, she said same-sex marriage should remain illegal out of respect for Australia’s Christian “heritage”.

Gillard told the newspaper she appreciated Australia’s “heritage as a Christian country”, adding that “the Marriage Act has a special status in our culture” as a heterosexuals-only institution.

Australian Marriage Equality national secretary Peter Furness demanded that Gillard  explain what Australia’s “Christian heritage” has to do with same-sex marriage.

“Does she believe discrimination is acceptable because some people think homosexuality is a sin, or because a minority of couples still marry in churches even though marriage is a civil, secular institution in Australian society?” Furness said.

“Gillard’s words sound like something an anti-gay ‘morals’ campaigner like Rev Fred Nile would say and are far more extreme than anything John Howard, Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd have ever said on the issue.

“Any way you look at it, Gillard’s statement is offensive, ridiculous and extreme and must be explained or withdrawn.

“We also want to know why she is only upholding the ‘Christian heritage’ of churches that discriminate, and not those that solemnise same-sex marriages.”

Furness agreed that the act of marriage had a “special status in our culture”.

“That is precisely why it should not enshrine discrimination, exclusion and prejudice.

“Australians want leaders who represent broad community support for equality, not leaders who pander to tiny minorities of fundamentalists wanting to impose their outdated beliefs on everyone else.”

UPDATE: A dummy ALP twitter account was falsely claiming today that the Labor caucus had voted in favour of same-sex marriage.

The person responsible claimed to be posting on behalf of Rainbow Labor, but Rainbow Labor have told us this is absolutely not correct. The ALP national campaign office have now shut down the twitter account.

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43 responses to “Gillard: You will never marry under me”

  1. After 30 years + of voting labour I can’t possibly continue to vote for this kind of hypocrital garbage anymore…This from a woman who lives with a divorced man in sin. Shouldn’t she by christian standards be stonned of something???? What crap.

  2. Oh my god, I voted for her last week… God dammit, I really thought she would be the best PM.. I really did.

  3. I think out of respect for Christian Heritage Gillard should not be able to be Prime Minister. She is a hypocrite otherwise taking some heritage and ignoring other Christian Heritage wanting women not to work.

    It is homophobia that has a special place in our society as an Institution of the Labor Party.

    Labor is so far over to the Extreme Right….

  4. Gay assets in Australia must be worth Six Billion Dollars.

    Want to really scare them? It has been suggested.. ‘Place our money and assets in one Instution then pull the plug”.

    Julia Gillard insists that, ‘We are moving forward together’, but it seems only perceived heterosexuals can move forward stealing our taxes they go.

    Enough talking, let’s take real action.

  5. Australia needs to be rid of her and the party who supports her! Sending good vibes for equality from Canada (it’s a wonder if we have any left, with the U.S. being right under us and sucking the good vibes dry!)

  6. This bigotry, this total disregard of equality, this attack not just on us but on religious liberty is a threat to this nation. This is a strong direct attack on the basic human rights that Australia fought for during and after WW2!

    Greens, Democrats, Socialist Alliance, Sex Party, Secular Party and other pro-human-rights minor parties are the only chance this nation has. The higher their vote gets the more the big two who have committed themselves to destroying the foundational notion of a western democracy, a fair secular state with equal treatment for all faiths, all races, all sexes, all sexualities, all genders etc will have to take notice.

    Vote pro-human rights. Vote the progressive minor parties. Vote for a fair and just and equal Australia.

  7. What Gillard has said is like a calculated personal insult to every gay person in Australia. What the hell does she think she’s doing? What kind of person is she?
    As far as the major parties go, we’ve got more of a chance with the small-l wing of the Liberal Party under Tony Abbott than with Gillard and Labor.
    What’s the point of having a Labor government if they’re going to carry on like this?

  8. As Julia is a has no religious convictions, her attitude to gay marriage can only spring from her own red-neck prejudice.

  9. Adam, writing that on your ballot and not having your vote counted is STUPID- the only person who will see it will be the people counting the votes and they’re not politicians.

    If you’re angry about this vote for a party that supports same-sex marriage in both houses- in the senate that could make a big difference, and in the house of representatives it means that party gets $2.45 in extra electoral funding to fight for same-sex marriage at the next election, and when their preferences go to a major party that is when the pollies will see how many people really care about GLBTIs being treated equally!

  10. Dear Julia,

    If Australia’s christian heritage is something you respect so much, you should stop living in sin with your partner.

    You are a hypocrite

    You are pandering to the christian lobby groups because you think you will get more votes from them than you will lose from the gay community and their friends.


    I actually think we have MORE chance of getting equal marriage rights with the Liberals in government! Please vote anything but Labor – they really don’t deserve our vote!

    Shame, shame, shame!

  11. I was planning to vote for Gillard tomorrow. After reading this, i can’t in all decency do it. What a stupid thing to say. I would have expected it from Abbott. I did think that Gillard was an intelligent person, but apparently not!!!! For shame Ms Gillard……You’ll not be getting my vote!!!! All religion should be banned. We are a collection of peoples from around the world with many beliefs!!!!

  12. There are planty of parties that DO support same sex marriage – eg. the Greens, Democrats, Socialist Alliance, Sex Party, Secular Party – I urge everyone 2 give THESE parties your support.

  13. Absolutely voting Green tomorrow. Whilst I am not Gay, there is a chance that my newborn son is. I would like him to enjoy ALL of the rights and duties that I do.

  14. It is ironic that the very people she is attempting to cater to, the christian right, will not be voting for an unmarried trollop living in sin, regardless.

    we have gotten all we are going to get from Labor, when it comes down to equal rights, so we might as well vote Greens.
    Being mostly 2 income couples, we aren’t exactly going to be hurt by Liberal financial policy.

    It is a no lose vote – go the Greens.

  15. What a homophobe. AND, Julia Gillard, Australia’s heritage is ABORIGINAL not Christian. And aboriginal culture embraces same-sex relationships!

    We need MORE people on the streets for the Equal Love campaigns. We’ll make her give it to us!

  16. So all that ass-kissing of Labor was for nothing: when push comes to shove, it’s always ‘queers overboard’ as this shallow, unprincipled, two-faced woman grabs for power. Their lack of respect for us is breathtaking, infuriating. The ONLY chance for progressive change in Australia – not just on equal marriage, but on climate change and the humane treatment of people fleeing violence and persecution, among other things – is a very strong Green vote, a Green/Labor coalition in the lower house, and a powerful Green presence in the Senate of 10+. Our ONLY hope of progress in the foreseeable future, whoever wins power, is the biggest possible Green vote.

  17. This is my first election. I’m 18 I’m disgusted at how these politicians think money is more important than people. I NEED to, wait, I DESERVE the right to get married. I have been bashed, spat on, sworn at for my sexuality and the government is hurting me again by remaining to keep same sex marriage illegal. Vote greens.

  18. I live in one of the safest seats on a Liberal Labor 2 party basis (24%), but if I and every other LGBTI person in Grayndler vote Green tomorrow we will make one of the gayest seats into a true marginal on a two party Labor Green basis on a margin of about 3%.

    Let’s see if we can scare the ALP in our neighbourhoods to see that we mean business.

    Green in the lower house, Green in the upper house.

  19. Here in the UK,Gillard’s own country by the way and a country with a fair bit more “Christian Heritage” the government saw fit to legalise Civil Partnerships, essentially same sex marriege with a slightly different name but all the exact same legal ,tax and inheritance benefits of marriage.
    And guess what, planes have not fallen from the sky, the “fabric of society ” has not been damaged and heterosexual families have not been threatened.
    Dear Julia, please explain your empty and pointless stance here…

  20. We have to attend voting: YES (So we are not fined)!

    However I am not voting for any party this time – I am placing on the voting paper:


    I urge you to do the same if you believe in EQUAL RIGHTS!

    We need to start fighting not just the government now for fairness – but also the Churches for Discrimination on our lives!

    Let’s start getting real, because no government will while we sit back and let them destroy why we are here!

  21. Beyond the LGBT community, this kind of statement should be worrying to those who view Australia as a multi-faith country.

    Also that same “heritage” has largely resisted women in positions of high power, I wonder if Julia thinks we should respect that as well.

  22. I knew it! I knew it! We live in a Theocracy. Like Saudi Arabia. At least she finally admited it. Thankyou for using our civil rights for political pandering.

  23. terrible timing gillard
    you’ve just been bumped down to level 3 on my ballot paper

  24. This makes me sooooo mad. I’m not religious and i believe gay people are equal and have the same right to marry as me and my husband did. I’m voting greens >:/

  25. Ah the truth about Gillard.

    First she back stabbed Kevin Rudd, then she back stabbed Kineally, now she back stabbed us.

    They say I can a bitch. I am voting Green. Had a gut full of that thing.

  26. I am going to become prime minister,
    and then i will ban woman and man marrige and only allow same sex marrige,
    see how julia likes it then.

  27. This is why i’m voting greens for the balance of power in the senate and australian sex party as my 2nd preference.