The current planetary dance involves a combination of five very different planets, star signs and heavenly bodies.

Combined they will set the course for revolutionary change.

Now please take your seats to watch this world premiere play.

Via stage left expansive Jupiter enters, followed by responsible Capricorn. Jupiter wants to expand, change and grow. Capricorn, hesitant, wants to make sure every step forward is strong and solid.

Suddenly, with a bolt of lightning, Uranus enters, charging towards Capricorn and demanding change.

From stage right Pisces enters, eyes glistening like the sun, filled with hope, singing a song of peace and love. Jupiter stops and joins in with Pisces, and Uranus, hearing this sweet sound, feels soothed and full of optimism, while Capricorn is busy planning the next step.

There is no end to this play as it is still being written, but over the next few weeks you will get ample opportunities to contribute positively in some way towards the human race by being encouraged by the heavens above.


Expanding on what you want in the workplace and finding a job or career that is in tune with your soul’s urge can help to relieve some of the issues of late. Practise believing and bringing it to fruition. Open your mind to the spiritual world and see how you are able to use it to manifest your needs.


The current planetary aspect is there to help you move past what you knew and free yourself of past constraints. Take an internal journey as your outside world can only do so much. Be creative in thought and look at some selected reading that can help, such as how to meditate.


Learning from romantic relations of the past will ensure success in your present situation. Letting go of old hurts will benefit you and your current love interest. On the work front, provided that you have performed well, you will start to see the rewards there too. It’s possible that a raise or a promotion is on the way.


This is the best time to work on shifting your mindset and elevating yourself to a new level of thinking. Negative conditioning needs attention and may cause bouts of anger and frustration. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you – objectivity can help. Take up the study you’ve been thinking of.


Once you understand the power of your will, you’ll find that you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed. The trick is to believe that you have this power. The areas of your life that can now be influenced by this are money and work. There may be a potential partnership to consider.


If you hope for the best then it’s more likely to happen, rather then bracing yourself for the worst. Then again, hope doesn’t work by itself without a little effort behind it. If you choose to live life positively, it’s amazing how that energy can reward you. Have fun, be spontaneous and live.


There are positive changes where your home and sense of security are concerned. The role you play in life is affected by this and things are starting to fall into place. Your task is to help them remain that way. Continue to make the necessary improvements and use your present sense of empowerment as your tool.


You are another sign in the zodiac that will benefit from the power of positive thinking. Chase the negative thoughts away and avoid letting your emotions get the better of you. Maintain a desire to change the old ways and free yourself of past constraints. You’ll see your romantic life start anew and focus on fun.


Your money situation is due to take a turn for the better as are your other assets. Go ahead and instigate the changes needed at home and with family as they are necessary. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue with the way things are, but heavenly support is on your side.


Use Jupiter’s lucky quality to your advantage. This planet is triggered by the planet of freedom and ingenuity. Brand new ideas and revelations are apparent, but you’ll need to be flexible and take the risk of improving your lot. Try not to be too assertive in relationships, to the point where you will alienate people.


Follow your intuition. Jupiter won’t stay in your subconscious zone forever and he’s there trying to help unlock some restrictive thinking. If you lack confidence in yourself and in your talents, it’s time to let that go. It’s true what they say – you are the only thing that holds you back.


A very different future lies ahead if you are willing to seize the opportunity. It’s almost like a gateway to another dimension has been opened for you. Change can be scary and, by definition, risks mean putting yourself up for chance. For those of you who wanted quiet time, unfortunately, that’s not in the forecast.

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