On 27 May Mercury and Neptune went into retrograde. Currently two other planets are retrograding from Jupiter and Pluto.

Retrogrades are a time for reflection, so since 3 April Pluto in Capricorn has been encouraging us to harness our subconscious responses in a practical way.

From 10 May Jupiter in Capricorn has been motivating us to reflect on our philosophies of the world, also in practical way.

So now with Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius added to this mix, our thought processes and expanded higher thoughts and dreams are coming into focus. The kind of thoughts and visions you may start to have centre around the future of humanity and what each individual needs to do to prepare for this change.

This questioning may come about through a personal crisis which these retrogrades will be stirring up for and in you. The word crisis, by the way, means a turning point. The best way to deal with change is to centre yourself and stay in the present moment.


Mercury is retrograding in your third house of communication and thought. The next three weeks will be about reassessing your thought patterns, re-evaluating beliefs and balancing between work and personal needs. Allow for delays, minor setbacks and take things as they come. This period can cause frustration so take some deep breaths.


The retrograde is taking place in the zone that governs assets, cash and self-worth. Use the next three weeks for going over agreements and setting a new budget, as well as taking the time to review your skills and talents. There is also a harsh link to Saturn in your fun zone. These next three weeks could help you reach some great conclusions.


Your individuality is up for review. Your ruling planet is reversing in your sign. There will be developments and experiences over the next three weeks that will reveal some things about your character. There is a link to your family and your past that is going to assist with the discoveries. Gather all information before taking action.


The retrograde period is taking place in the part of your chart that governs dreams, fantasies and all your hidden secrets. This time is best used for sifting through the recesses of your mind and getting in touch with the things you’ve decided to lock away. Be optimistic about what you discover as things aren’t always as scary as you think.


Lately there have been a few upsets and frustrations because you’ve been ready to assert yourself, but may have lacked confidence and just didn’t know where to start. Your friends and networks zone is where Mercury is reversing, so there’s your clue. Revisit a few contacts from your past and see where that leads you.


Taking on too much at work? Or worrying about things that don’t warrant worry? Prioritising your work load and actually focusing on the necessary tasks will ease your worries. You are urged to rethink your position and advised to roll with the punches. Your ruling planet wants you to slow down.


Playing teacher and leading the pack are the current duties ahead. There is going to be an education process in which you will teach and you will learn. This isn’t the time to put plans into action, but a time to gather your strengths. The next three weeks will show you a few things you didn’t know about yourself.


Scorpios are used to doing it on their own. However, this is going to be a great lesson in working in a partnership or group. Your prior methods of wheeling and dealing won’t be so successful and you will be forced to act, think and behave differently. Use the next three weeks to add another dimension to your character.


You’ll learn a great deal about love and relationships during this period. Old lovers may come back on the scene, a new love interest will appear and you’ll even learn a thing or two about your career, i.e. if you love it or not. Putting you heart and soul into something can give more satisfaction than just going through the motions.


If there was ever a time to review your health and daily duties, this is it. If you’ve known for a while that things need to change with regards to how you are functioning lately, then the next three weeks will do just that. Resisting will cause further problems, so assess what needs altering and make a plan.


What’s your idea of fun? Is there enough romance in your life? Well, it’s time to get thinking about it. Your self-expression may be under scrutiny also, but if you choose to see each situation as a learning experience then you’ll be fine. Listen to feedback with an open mind because constructive criticism helps you develop.


Recent events regarding relationships have shaken up your sense of personal security. Mercury reversing in this zone is giving you the chance to go back over what makes you secure. For some of you, the retrograde will impact your domestic scene and possibly even your family. Don’t act just yet. Reflect, revisit and reassess.

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