Musical flairs

Musical flairs

Since I was a small child I think I have always been in love with musicals. Whether it was something on television or a live play, there is something about jumping up and breaking into a huge song and dance routine mid-conversation that just fascinated me. Growing up in the country and being surrounded by my mother and aunt who were just in love with Elvis (okay, secretly I thought he was quite hot also), I was lucky enough to see almost all of his films. So the thought of singing your way through the day didn’t seem too strange to me. Then came Grease, The Wiz, Hairspray and, to my utter excitement, the local community version of Chess. Wow, I almost jumped out of my skin, when the entire cast belted out One Night In Bangkok. Did this love of musicals have a hand in making me the person I am today? I don’t think it made me gay but I do think it pushed me into the direction of being a showgirl.

At school I did tread the boards quite heartily, with parts in Grease (the only male backing dancer and chorus) and The Wiz (I played a crow and Dorothy’s uncle). No wonder I became a drag queen. With the amount of shithouse roles I had in school, it wasn’t till I put on my own ruby slippers that I actually began to shine. But it did get me out of sport. And no sport and all this singing and dancing sure did have my parents worried. I think it was a little like having a crystal ball for them, and on the weekends I would be forced to work with my father as a labourer at a concreting site. Very butch, but at all times I would be wearing my cassette Walkman, bopping along to whatever show was coming up.
I guess what I am getting at is I really do miss the amount of show-stopping production numbers in my life. Maybe they were my escape from whatever was happening at the time.

Is it time for the first ever drag musical? I can see it now. Forget all your troubles and come see Priscilla staged at the Opera House, or what about Darlinghurst: The Musical? Hey, it could happen.

EYESPY Happy birthday to Stonewall for last weekend. I had a hoot last Friday night searching for the pearl necklace. Unfortunately Candy and Ricca arrived early and found all the good ones. To think it’s been seven years. My goodness, I remember going to the opening and thinking, will it make it to one?

Congratulations to all the staff and management once again -“ it is a pleasure to work for you. Now, I only have to get through Arq’s birthday and I will be fine. I’m glad I don’t have to buy a present each time, though I did bring a plate to both the Shift’s and Stonewall’s.

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