NSW Election Results: Minns Wins, Greenwich And Leong Retain Their Seats

NSW Election Results: Minns Wins, Greenwich And Leong Retain Their Seats
Image: Chris Minns/Facebook

Chris Minns and the Labor Party have won the NSW state election and are projected to either rule a minority or majority government.

After 12 years in power, the Liberals have been defeated. Minns and NSW Labor had promised “a fresh start” for the state and aim to fulfill that vow.

“There are many challenges facing the state of New South Wales over the next four years,” Minns said in his acceptance speech last night.

“The team I lead is ready for the challenges and opportunities of government and will not let the people of this state down.”

Gay Conversion Ban

Along with the election promises of building more schools, capping the tolls, health sector boost, cashless gambling trial and housing reforms, Minns promised to ban gay conversion therapy.

This vow came after Independent MP for Sydney, Alex Greenwich said he would introduce a bill to end the practice, regardless of whether Labor or Liberal won.

Over a month ago, Minns pledged to end the “dangerous and damaging” therapy if the opposition won the state election.

“We should not have a situation where children are being told something is wrong with them and that they need to be fixed,” he said.

Whether Minns and the Labor Party follow through with this pledge is something that many in the LGBT community are watching and waiting to see.

Alex Greenwich Retains Seat

The election also saw Greenwich retaining his seat, defending it against Liberal candidate Phyllisse Stanton. Greenwich spoke with the Star Observer and expressed his gratitude for the support he received during the election.

“I am really grateful that Sydney has returned me with a strong mandate to remove all LGBTQI discrimination in New South Wales and I look forward to working with the new Minns government to achieve that,” he said.

When asked about Minn’s pledge to support the ban of gay conversion therapy, Greenwich was optimistic and state that he had “legislation ready to go.”

“I look forward to introducing that as soon as parliament returns,” he told the Star Observer.

Greenwich also extended congratulations to Penny Sharpe, Labor Member of the Legislative Council and projected to be Labor leader in the NSW Upper House.

“She’s run an excellent campaign and has always been a strong advocate for the LGBTQI community,” he said.

Leong Stays In Newtown

One of Sydney’s LGBT hubs, Newtown will see the return of Greens MP Jenny Leong after she successfully defended her seat against Labor candidate David Hetherington.

Leong was thrilled to have been re-elected by her community, expressing her sincere thanks on social media.

“Thank you, Newtown. It is an absolute privilege to have been re-elected by you to represent our wonderful community in the NSW Parliament. This win is for renters,” she wrote on Facebook.

Leong spoke with the Star Observer, stating that it was “very welcome news to see the back of the Liberal-National Government in NSW.”

“I am so pleased to have been re-elected as the Greens member for Newtown,” she said.

When asked about the recent events and protests against trans people and the LGBTQ community, Leong stated that “the Greens are committed to pushing for these reforms in the next Parliament.”

“With the rise in dangerous and divisive far-right actions targeting rainbow communities and women’s rights, we need to continue to grow and oragnise to achieve full equality. No excuses,” she said.

Results are still pouring in, with the ABC last reporting that 50.2% of votes have been counted.

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