Out Quotes

Out Quotes

I need a conservative candidate all the way who would say to a gay woman, -˜You know what? I’m very sorry for your children. I think it’s child abuse for you to raise children. And I don’t mean to insult you personally, but this is a large cultural issue. The society is collapsing. Marriage is a fragile institution and I think you’re making a mockery of it in this manner by doing this.’ That would have been the proper answer.

-“ US radio personality Michael Savage takes Republican Mitt Romney to task for not frothing at the mouth enough in his conservative reply to a lesbian mum who asked the presidential candidate’s views on gay families. Savage’s radio show is America’s third most popular.

It was only recently that he became too well known to have a profile posted on a gay cruising site. (The administrators took it down, thinking it was fake.)

-“ The New York Times explains how musician Rufus Wainwright is having difficulty living your classic gay lifestyle.

The sky hasn’t opened up, families are still intact.

-“ Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on the state’s legalisation of same-sex marriage, as he marched in Boston’s June 10 gay pride parade, to AP.

I think that being gay and HIV positive, and being in your 40s … I think there’s a terrific reality show there.

-“ David Salyer, a HIV-positive journalist, educator and activist living in Atlanta, talks dating with The Body.

I thought he was a great guy…until he raped me.

-“ Headline from a new San Francisco public awareness campaign to shed light on the increasingly common crime of gay rape. The campaign features bus signs, posters, a hotline and a new Web site, MenSurvivingRape.org.

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