Potts Point tree to be removed

Potts Point tree to be removed

An unhealthy tree on Victoria Street, Potts Point will soon be replaced with a healthy, new, mature sized tree.

“We’ve been closely monitoring the health and condition of this Plane tree over the past year, after the tree lost the majority of its foliage approximately 12 months ago,” City of Sydney parks manager trees and aquatic facilities manager Joel Johnson said.

The Plane tree (Platanus x hybrida) in front of 170 Victoria Street, Potts Point has been declining in health over the past two years.

The decline of the 20m-tall tree is likely to be the result of a combination of factors, including its old age and the effects of Sycamore Lace Bug.  This insect sucks sap from tree leaves, reducing the trees ability to grow and store food.

In an attempt to aid the tree’s recovery, it was included in a trial treatment program to control the numbers of Sycamore Lace Bug in March 2009. Unfortunately the tree has continued to decline and there is now no prospect for it to recover.

The tree will be removed in July and replaced with an advanced sized Plane tree (3-4 metres in height) to complement and continue the existing avenue of trees.

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