Public affairs

Public affairs

It’s time for the general public to have its say. They come to our shows every week -“ they are the ones who can honestly say if the show is shithouse or entertaining.

If they are more inclined to stand at the bar and order a drink than watch you jumping around on stage like a fool then that screams louder than any award could ever do.

If you have any interest in drag or you think that someone has done something fabulous this year and needs to be recognised, this Saturday is your chance to have your say at the Colombian Hotel between midday and 5pm. For all the DIVA-voting virgins, I will give you a helping hand about how to vote.

Most Popular Venue. This could be anyone really (or at least the ones I work at), I will have to leave that one up to you.

Most Popular DJ. Once again this is a hard one, though Mr Nightlife could be a contender for this year’s award. It seems if you put just $2 into him he will play anything you want.

Most Popular Show Cast. It’s either Glamorous Clowns -“ Vanity Faire, Christina Dior and me -“ or Saturday Night Divas -“ Vanity, Beyonce G Spot and me. You choose.

DIVA Rising Star. Christina and Beyonce have come so far this year -“ please consider these girls for this award. Hard work really does pay off.

Most Popular Male Performer. At this time of my life any boy with his shirt off is someone I want to shag so I will be happy for anyone to win this.

Sydney’s Favourite Drag Queen. You can spelt it M-A-X-I S-H-I-E-L-D or you can use my full name, Maxine Maurine Lee Shield -“ both will be accepted.

Sydney’s Favourite Drag King. This fella is sweet and sexy: D’Vinyl.

The one award being fought over by many this year is Bitch of the Year. The criterion for this award is actually not about being a bitch, it’s about being fabulous on a microphone.

Reigning bitch, and fighting to keep the crown, is new Stonewall resident Penny Dee. Close on her heels is Hall of Fame legend Polly Petrie, using every weapon at her disposal to take home the gold statue.

But if it’s going to someone who is fabulous on a mic, I guess I am eligible for this one too. Whether you choose Penny, Polly or Maxi, I’m sure the other two will have the shits.

Don’t forget, your vote counts.

Congrats to DCM for landing the Bitch or Boast Party (the DIVA after-party) this year. DIVA is finally coming back home.

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