Singing the post-DIVA blues

Singing the post-DIVA blues

With the hullabaloo still ringing in our ears from the DIVAs, it is any wonder why everything after seems a little anticlimactic? I am sure everyone agrees after a huge event there is usually a natural slump. It is now time to clean your house after the DIVA bomb and get your life back on track without having to think, But what am I going to wear to the after-party?

So to get off the track a little, this week I have decided to talk about what has been happening at my household over the last week.
Last week not only saw me win my first DIVA but the Wednesday also saw me graduate from my beginners course in pole-dancing. Wow, I actually stuck with it and now I have a certificate. Our graduation dinner was absolutely fantastic and fitting for a group of pole dancers. It was held at Joanna’s in Surry Hills (a gentlemen’s club), a cute club with two small stages and a catwalk to die for. With dinner, show and topless male waiters, I knew the night was going to be a hoot from the second I stepped inside the door. However, I think the waiters knew I wasn’t an ordinary girl and took some time to warm up to me, if you know what I mean. It was time for our teachers to strut their stuff, starring in a three-girl-and-one-boy extravaganza. It was good to see the girls let their hair down. And I soon saw that even the quietest student really got into being spanked with a constable’s baton. After a fabulous dinner it was time for the certificate presentation and each of us was allowed to have a quick swing on the pole. Needless to say, my pleated DIVA frock looked amazing engulfing almost all of the stage as I Kate Moss’d my batookee off. With my beginners certificate framed and on my wall, it is time now to concentrate on the intermediate course. I will keep you posted.

After all the commotion that has been happening at home, I must mention a member of the family who has made a huge decision. After numerous counselling sessions and even more personal battles, my flatmate, Vanity’s puppy Toto, has decided to have gender reassignment. Yes, Toto is a bitch trapped in a boy’s body. He has decided not have the whole procedure straight away, but will only have his dragbags removed. I will be very concerned if Vanity turns up to the Shift on Friday night with a new pair of earrings. Toto wants me to officially tell everyone to refer to him as a her, but he will understand if a few mistakes are made in the beginning.


Colleen Windsor is sending out a survey about this year’s DIVAs. If you attended the recent DIVAs at Sydney Town Hall and are interested in taking part in an on-line survey, send a blank email to [email protected].

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