The copper care road

The copper care road

Your genes might have encoded your skin type, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with skin that’s less than perfect.

It’s true, we all need to cleanse, tone and moisturise but what’s more important is looking inside the $100 concoction – the ingredients are the key.

Everyone has a skin issue, let it be from acne and wrinkles– we all want perfect skin and crave to reduce the ageing time.

Before you put the products under the microscope, it’s important to understand what’s causing your skin to sag. Our love affair with the sun and cigarettes is causing most of the damage.

Copper Care national sales manager Sean Abel said 90 per cent of aging comes from the sun. He said these common habits break down the collagen fibres, resulting in our skin looking older.

“Sunscreen is so important. When looking for a sunscreen it’s important that you use a broad spectrum zinc oxidised-based sun block,” Abel said. 

The long-term damage of overexposure to the sun includes increased roughness of the skin, spots and crosshatched wrinkles.

When we hit our 40s the skin loses its elasticity and collagen is lost. Once we’re beyond the fifties the bony structure of the face starts to go.

“Interacting the collagen determines how old we look. If we interact and stimulate it, we can reverse the signs of ageing,” Abel said.

IPL and skin tightening treatments are becoming more popular. What’s important is, after the procedure you must use the right products.

“When you have an IPL treatment the skin is traumatised and also when a man shaves irritation can occur. That’s why it’s important to use a product like the Neova brand that has copper in it,” Abel said.

“Not only is copper a wound healer, it fights free radicals and soothes the skin especially if there’s an irritation involved – it also builds collagen up again.”

Copper is the third highest element in the body and is utilised by most of the organs but the skin is last to receive this mineral. What’s interesting about copper skin products is that they stimulate the dermis.

Technology that also interacts in the dermis is a new laser technology called the Refirm Facelift.  It has been invented to contract collagen. This new treatment uses energy to heat the skin and when the collagen contracts, skin tightening takes place.  It treats loose skin and wrinkles.

Only available from cosmetic surgery clinics, Refirm Facelift has no recovery period and clients can immediately carry on with their normal life. Using the combination of skin tightening treatments and Neova products speeds up results leading to younger looking skin.

When using any form of product especially after cosmetic treatment, it’s important that the surgical procedure heals.

“There’re a lot of products that claim to be anti-ageing. But if you look at the way there worded, they say they’re able to reduce the appearance of fine lines,” Abel said. “This means if you put a lot of hydrate on the skin it temporary fills out the wrinkles.”

Neova is a clinic-only cosmeceutical skin care line. For more information on Copper Care checkout the website

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