New moons are a great time to plant new ideas. Solar eclipses are a fantastic energy to refocus your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires.

These planetary alignments all occur at once on this auspicious day, 7 February, the Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Rat is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. The rat was chosen by Buddha as the first sign of the zodiac because he was the smartest animal.

The story goes that Buddha was deciding on which animals he wanted to represent the zodiac so he came up with the idea of a race. The rat knew there was no way he could win against the strong bull or the fast horse so he jumped on the horse’s back just as the race began. Once the bull caught up with the horse the rat leapt on the bull’s back, ran up his nose and just as the bull was about to cross the finishing line he skydived off and won the race.

The moral of the story is you don’t have to be the strongest or biggest to win in life. Take this story of the smart little rat and breathe some new life into your hopes and dreams.

The Aquarius side of things will certainly flavour and favour a more humanitarian approach to whatever it is you want to give birth to in this lifetime.

Bringing your talents and dreams into this world is aligning yourself with your truth and you owe it to yourself to stand up and seize the day. Carpe Diem!


With Mercury retrograding and a new moon eclipse in your 11th house, it’s time to clear out those toxic people in your life who hinder your development. This will make way for new and exciting people to enter your life. This is also the time for making a wish as the energy is super-charged.


From this eclipse to the next (approx. six months) it’s all about your career. Whether it’s a move, promotion or further studies, the eclipse in this part of your chart is about sudden change and new beginnings. If you aim high and think big you could change the course of your work life and start something that you’ve longed for.


Continue to think and brainstorm about where you’d like to go, what you’d like to study and your philosophies on life. This is a new phase for you regarding worldly matters and your position within the world. The eclipse is in your travel zone and this means inner journeys as well as overseas travel.


The eclipses always bring change. With this eclipse in your eighth solar house of transformation, joint finances, death and re-birth, you will be feeling the change quite powerfully. Use this time wisely and be brave in your endeavours to alter something that has sorely needed it. Only then can progression take place.


Your ongoing focus on love and relationships is reaching a point where you will be making firm decisions one way or the other. This is a very auspicious time for finding a partner who is on your level, or, you could get mixed up with someone who gives you grief. Continue to look at what you really need.


The cosmos is still on your case about improving your health and managing your daily routines. Change is imminent and best to be worked with, rather than against. If you feel that you are happy with your life the way it is, make sure it’s not the rut you are happy with. If there are improvements to be made, work towards making them.


Creativity, self-expression and pleasure are the highlight of this eclipse. Old romances may come back, new creative endeavours will be on your mind and thinking about other passions will be prevalent. It’s time to introduce a little fun in your life, bear in mind that “fun” is the operative word, not “serious”.


The past, home and family zone of your horoscope has had a lot of planetary action of late and the eclipse will take place there also. This is a turning point for you regarding any past dramas and misunderstandings. Leave them in the past and move on with a new positive outlook and a clean slate.


You have been going through some very significant changes over the last few months and this eclipse will assist change in thought and communication. It’s almost like the cosmos is giving you a chance to align your mind with the changes that have occurred. This can be the final piece to a very important puzzle.


If you’ve been doing the necessary work on yourself, you’ll be ready for the fresh start this eclipse has to offer. Your self-esteem can be renewed, your cash situation is looking healthier and possibly even some romantic interests are crossing your path. All of this is in your control, so take advantage.


It’s no coincidence that Mercury went retrograde in your sign, followed by this new moon eclipse. It’s time for Aquarians everywhere to get their life on track and work towards achieving their goals. This is a great opportunity not to be missed, because you are heavily supported by the sky.


A new spiritual course will be set. This eclipse takes place in your subconscious zone giving you a chance to integrate newfound philosophies and question your existence on a whole new level. If you are having challenges, try not to look at them as a negative occurrence; rather see the positive lesson.

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