Want to get married? Call your local MP today!

Want to get married? Call your local MP today!

GetUp! is calling on Australians to email or call their local politician today to voice their support for Melbourne MP Adam Bandt’s motion for parliamentarians to acknowledge growing public support for gay marriage and to actively engage with their constituents on the issue.

The motion, which will be debated in the House of Representatives at 8 o’clock tonight, is another important step in the Greens’ bid to win support for their Marriage Equality Amendment Bill – legislation that would enshrine equal rights for all couples to marry.

Marriage equality is looming as an important election issue, with a recent Galaxy Poll revealing that 62 percent of Australians believe gays and lesbians should have the right to marry.

A growing number of MPs have broken party ranks in recent weeks to express their support for marriage equality. Labor politicians Doug Cameron, Mark Arbib and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh have publicly expressed their support for marriage equality, as have Liberal MPs Warren Entsch and Mal Washer.

Take part in GetUp’s email campaign by clicking here:

Or call your local MP in their Parliament House office. Their number can be found here:

A live broadcast of the debate will be streamed here:

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20 responses to “Want to get married? Call your local MP today!”

  1. Im for the Greens fighting for “Gay Marriage” but they do have some Idiotic Policys like The Hated Carbon Tax,And letting Illegal Refugees in (Who Jumped the Queue)
    As seen on T.V The refugees are mainly men (Tamil Tigers) who love the Greens But Have no Love the Gay Community.
    They seem to have all these Policys that would definetly Bank Rupt Australia in the Billions.
    Stick to Legalising Gay First Please,thankyou

  2. are you good people discriminating against me? would it be because of my sexual orientation

    hate? bigotry? red necked? small minded?

    what’s the motivation for this discrimination?

    let me know dave

  3. I called Albanese’s office and told the Gay Marriage or another Greens vote – their choice…

    I just got my citizenship on October 7th…one more vote they have to worry about – and Grayndler is definately one of their worries.

  4. If “GORWYN” is actually a real homophobe trolling gay forums, let us not give he/she any more air time

  5. This site is increasingly attracting barely articulate, hysterical and virulently homophobic filth. It’s probably due to the success the same-sex marriage campaign is now having.

    That said, is it really necessary for the editor to pass on the spew coming from the likes of “greens are communists…”? We know about homophobia. We really don’t need these fruitcakes’ opinions. They’ve got there own sites to vent on.

  6. Dave- spend a little time , go to the public library and get out the communist manifesto- read it and then tell me if i’m right or wrong before you start mouthing off

  7. greens are communists and will bankrupt australia-

    Is in fact a Christian who is trying to stop the Greens as they advance Same-Sex Rights. He has said before he is against Same-Sex Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage will result in 90% divorice etc. He has said homosexuals are promiscuous and do not deserver any rights. He has said God will get us.

  8. Interesting comment from Gorwyn,and she/he (Not sure if thats a mans name or womans,sorry) is entitled to their opinion.
    I,ll Give you mine now.
    You see Gorwun and fellow readers Hetrosexuals have had a Fair crack at Marriage for ages.
    They Promise this and they Promise that and Make all these Vows infront of Family & Friends and with a matter of Two Short Years its all “Over Red Rover”.
    Yep DIVORCE,A taboo subject for Hetros to talk about and an Embarrassment to the Family,They stuff up! Either by cheating or just ending up hating each other,THEY BLEW IT!!
    I have seen some hetrosexuals,who should never be allowed to Breed,let alone Marry,yet they are allowed?Why when soome of them are the Rejects of Society.
    i.e Junkies pushing prams with kids with Rats tails in them.
    Its about time Marriage Was Earned!!
    Regardless of Sexual Orientation.Thankyou

  9. Gawd, the marriage cheer-leaders will grasp at anything.
    The dictionary.
    Here’s a radical idea: Love who you love because you love.
    That’s all.
    Nothing else matters.

  10. The communist Manifesto states

    Chapter 4
    “…the communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.”

    this is all part of the bigger picture to suck in a demographic in order to weaken the social fabric and allow communism in


    don’t take my word for it- do the research


    <<<<<DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. GORWYN,
    I have been married to my husband for 35 years.
    For the first 25 years, until hormone treatment for prostate cancer rendered him impotent, we fucked like rabbits. That covers “to have and to hold”.
    He has had two heart attacks followed by two coronary artery by-pass operations, Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and dementia, and a number of other medical misfortunes. I would call that “in sickness and in health”.
    We have been finacially sound, then vulnerable, then sound again. I would call that “for richer, for poorer”.
    My husband is an alcoholic and he lost his job because of that and rampant homophobia. Nevertheless, there have been many good things about him and many good times shared. I think that covers “for better, for worse”.
    We are still married but he turned 80 this year. I suspect we will remain married “until death us do part”. I say that because, unlike you, we can’t serve divorce papers on each other, even if we wished. We can only end our marriage by separation and desertion. He lacks legal capacity and I wouldn’t abandon a man with dementia.
    You may think our marriage is immoral. I think we have behaved with the utmost morality.
    Come to think of it, I don’t know many straight couples who have demonstrated our level of commitment!

  12. “By all means have a civil recognition” – Yep, it’s called CIVIL MARRIAGE! Like it or not honey, marriage is a civil function in our modern society.
    Same sex couples deserve the right to a civil marriage in a government registry office like any other tax paying couple.

  13. GORWYN

    I guess we are looking at a different dictionary.

    Your hateful comments foul the air good people breathe. They ignore the long history of Same-Sex Marriage and those that married in Australia. They ignore the facts Ancient China had Same-Sex Marriage. That Ancient Rome did and even Pre-Modern Euroupe. Go Wikipedia it.

    Marriage is a union of two loving people. Not a sister or brother as a good Bible Marriage would have it. Not a 12 year old as a good Bible Marriage would also tell us. Just two loving adults.

    How dare you spread your filth and your hate and ask for respect. You would not know what respect is arrogantly proclaiming yourself to tell me what to do. How dare you. How bloody dare you!

    You simply have no self respect to come here with your filth and disgust.

  14. GORWYN (whatever that acronym stands for), dictionaries constantly redefine the meaning of words to keep up to date. I suggest you do too.

  15. Sorry Gorwyn, but I can’t see how calling it marriage or a civil union makes any difference.
    I am an adult and I should be entitled to marry the person of my choice.
    Try and think how things would be if it were gay people telling straights they weren’t allowed to use the term marriage? You wouldn’t tolerate it it would you?
    So don’t tell me what I can or can’t seek to call the recognition of my relationship – which at just shy of 12 years now is 50% longer than the average heterosexual marriage lasts these days.

  16. Marriage as defined in the dictionary is between a man and woman, not those of the same sex.
    It is an insult and degrading to heterosexual couples who are married in the true sense of the word, for same sex couples who wish to live together to call themselves married.
    By all means have a civil recognition if that is what they wish but don’t debase a sacred service of matrimony for selfish reasons.

  17. A long time ago in Tasmania, a young hard working GP who earned the love and respect of his patients, was hounded about being openly Gay. He was vilified by politicians in the Liberal and Labor Party. He had received his fair share of hate mail. He grew tired of being oppressed. This was a time when you could go to jail for making love to the love of your life. The name of this GP was Bob Brown.

    Bob saw the persecution of other gay and lesbian people. The media vilified them, inflamed by politicians with religious leaders at their side. Hate crimes were increasing. People were dying. It was devastating.

    In response to this, and love of the wilderness, Bob and his friends formed The Greens. Bob could have chosen the easy path and accepted discrimination and oppression, but he did not. Who could imagine all these years later The Greens would be in position to give us freedom and liberate us from oppression. That we might be free to marry the love of our life.