Out Gay Australian MP Tim Wilson’s House Attacked By Vandals

Out Gay Australian MP Tim Wilson’s House Attacked By Vandals
Image: Former Liberal MP for Goldstein, Tim Wilson.

Out gay member of the Australian parliament, Tim Wilson, said that his house had been targeted by vandals and not for the first time. Wilson is the Liberal candidate for the seat of Goldstein and lives with his husband Ryan Bolger in their Sandringham home. The federal elections are scheduled to be held on May 21, 2022. 

“Sadly, my home was targeted by vandals again. For my and husband’s safety we will upgrade security again,” Wilson posted on Twitter. 

Wilson said that the Australian Federal Police had been called to his Goldstein office many times during this election campaign.  “This is not Goldstein, and many residents are saying they’re intimidated by outsiders trying to change our community,” the MP said. 

Vandals Pulled Down Campaign Posters

Wilson told Star Observer that the vandals had damaged the fence of the couple’s home and pulled down campaign posters. 

“My home has been vandalised about four times now, and increasingly with permanent damage,” Wilson said, adding that a “report has been made to the AFP and I am leaving it with them.”

Wilson said that the couple decided to increase the CCTV camera coverage at their house after the latest incident. “We also have CCTV and will be expanding the cameras as these attacks have to stop, and people need to be held to account.”

According to the MP, the attack did not appear to be homophobic. “There have been homophobic attacks, but not on my home,” Wilson told Star Observer.

Wilson’s main challenger for the seat of Goldstein, independent candidate Zoe Daniel had also reported facing attacks, including sexist graffiti on her signs, by vandals. 

“I wonder if these were the same ‘outsiders’ who tore the sign off my fence last night? As I have said repeatedly, vandalism of signs is not to be tolerated, nor is disinformation or abuse, both of which currently abound,” Daniel responded to Wilson’s post about the attack. 

Wilson Proposed To Partner in 2017 In Parliament

Wilson was elected to the Parliament for the first time in 2016 and was re-elected in 2019. In December 2017, Wilson proposed to his partner, school teacher Ryan Bolger, in the House of Representatives, after the same-sex marriage reforms bill was introduced in the lower house. 

“In my first speech I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands. They are the answer to the question we cannot ask. So there’s only one thing left to do; Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?” Wison said. Bolger responded by saying ‘Yes’.

The video of the historic proposal went viral and the couple were married on March 11, 2018.

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One response to “Out Gay Australian MP Tim Wilson’s House Attacked By Vandals”

  1. The Liberal National party are no friends to the LGBTIQA community. TIm Wilson has supported policy directly against our community, especially the more marginalised voices

    Capitulating to the bigoted party line has cost our community deeply.

    His parties record on climate change inaction affects us all.

    Time to go Tim. You’re no longer wanted