Seven Queer Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Seven Queer Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season
Image: Dashing in December

While we wait for Australia to produce a truly gay Christmas flick here’s your queer Christmas picks for the season.

Single All the Way (Netflix)

After single man Peter convinces his best friend to pose as his boyfriend for Christmas with his family, his mother sets him up on a blind date with her hunky personal trainer. Watch for the brilliant cameo by Jennifer Coolidge!

The Bitch Who Stole Christmas (Amazon)

Although some have said that ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ this high camp movie will have you laughing tears. Full of drag queens and choreography it’s a lot of silly fun guaranteed to give everyone a giggle. 

Dashing in December (Apple TV, Paramount)

Wyatt returns to the family ranch in Colorado where an unexpected romance begins with dashing new ranch hand Heath. Sounds like Brokeback Mountain but it’s definitely not – this tv movie has a sweet tone and co-stars Andie McDowell.

Carol (Netflix)

Who could get through Christmas without rewatching our Cate in beautiful period costumes? In this 1950’s story Blanchett plays the alluring Carol trapped in a loveless marriage until she meets Therese at a department store over Christmas! Oscar-nominated performances and definitely worth a revisit. 

The Christmas Set Up (Freeview) 

This is a romantic drama about Hugo and Patrick played by Hugo Spencer and Blake Lee who happen to be married in real life! The simple plot revolves around Hugo having to decide whether or not to take a big job in London but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the heart of the film which is perfect for this Christmas 2023. 

The Christmas House (NineNow)

The Mitchell parents’ summon their two sons home for Christmas to create The Christmas House, hoping for some family unity so Brandon and his husband Jake make the trip as they await for news about their first adoption. Meanwhile brother Mike connects with his high school sweetheart Andi. A sincere movie that’s funny but has a real family story that’s plausible and refreshing!

Happiest Season (Binge, Foxtel, Apple, Prime Video)

Kristen Stewart stars in this comedy/romance with a cameo from the hilarious Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek). When Harper (Mackenzie Davis) takes Abby (Kristen Stewart) back to meet her family for Christmas she omits to tell her that she hasn’t come out to her family yet. Themes include being true to yourself and trying not to spoil Christmas for everyone! 

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