Aussie Footy Players Celebrate, Perform Sex Act In The Middle Of Crowded Pub

Aussie Footy Players Celebrate, Perform Sex Act In The Middle Of Crowded Pub

Two Australian rules football players from a suburban Melbourne club are in trouble after mobile video footage emerged of them performing a sex act in the middle of a crowded pub.

The incident has led to the Glen Waverly Football Netball Club promising action against the two players and the other team members involved in the alleged incident.

“The Committee has been made aware of an incident which has occurred during the post season celebrations of some of our senior playing group,” the Glen Waverly Football Netball Club committee said in a statement.

“Whilst this occurred away from the Club and was not a Club sanctioned event, we are extremely saddened and disappointed in the behaviour shown by people who should know better. The Club is taking immediate action to address the serious breach of our culture and values that has occurred within this incident,” the committee said.

Player Celebrate Loss


The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday August 14 after the club’s final game of Eastern League’s Division 3 season, where they finished last and were demoted to Division 4.

The last place did not dampen the spirit of the players as they celebrated at a bar, with other patrons present. The Daily Mail reported that the raucous group indulged in some heavy drinking, smashed glasses inside and outside the pub, vaped indoors, stole drinks from the bar, danced on tables and trashed the venue property. In other words they were being ideal players.

In the midst of their inebriated celebrations, one player lost a bet that required the loser to perform oral sex on the winner.

The two players did not waste any time – the winner dropped his shorts and helpfully held up his shirt, the loser dropped to his knees, held up his thumbs and performed oral sex, while other teammates cheered them on. All this happened in the middle of the pub, as other patrons looked on, with some quick to get their mobiles out to record the action.

Players Will Be Disciplined And Educated: Club

Not surprisingly, mobile video footage of the celebrations and the sex act started doing the rounds, inviting censure from the club.

“The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined and educated and if need be, counselled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, along with the physical & emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players and the wider community,” the club said.

“There is no further comment at this time, and we request that the well-being of those involved be respected as they deal with the impact, from the incident,” added the club.


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5 responses to “Aussie Footy Players Celebrate, Perform Sex Act In The Middle Of Crowded Pub”

  1. Maybe the place was not quite the best choice but if the report is true that they were trashing the place and the management did nothing to stop it (why didn’t they call the police and have charges laid?) but sex in public places has been going on for as long as anyone can remember! Strange, isn’t it? A man and a woman doing what comes naturally can have sex almost anywhere they like – I have seen them doing it on the beach, in any number of parks, in cars and no-one says a word!
    But let two men do what is natural for them – and come on, people, a male does not willingly and publicly give head to another male unless they are gay or bi – and the world is going to explode!
    Time for a reality check! For years we have had the people running this sport claim that there are “No Gays .in Footy (AFL/VFL)” – we all know that is not true so maybe this was the way these two finally “came out”!
    As it all, as the Footy club people stated, took place away from the club rooms this sex act does not reflect badly on the club it just proves there are Gays in it!
    However, the trashing of the place does.

  2. Don’t be such a petty moralist, dear Star Observer! What exactly is the big deal here? We are getting way to narrow minded about everything that has to do with sex. A very dangerous development. Soon 2 people holding hands will be shocking.

  3. In the local media, here in Australia, we’ve been told that a player groped a woman’s breasts from behind and the attached blurred imagery showed a pole dancer in a blue g-string. So, are they “straightening up” what really happened or is this story “fake news”?

    Personally, I much prefer this version of events and for such a big fuss to be made over a footballer grabbing the breasts of a stripper in a club full of drunk adults, sounds kinda ridiculous. I shall be looking into this further, obviously, just to get to the bottom (LOL) of what really happened, you know, to find the truth.