Bendigo protests for marriage

Bendigo protests for marriage

Bendigo marriage equality advocates staged a protest and mock wedding outside federal Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons’ office this week.

The Bendigo Advertiser reported that 30 people attended the protest on Tuesday.
Last month Gibbons angered voters saying he had received thousands of emails calling for Australia to allow same-sex marriage, but he had deleted them.

Addressing the rally Gibbons said he didn’t want to give protesters any “bulldust”, saying he is sympathetic to the cause, but is bound by Labor policy.

“This issue’s going to go to our national conference in December, the reason it’s going to do that is because it’s a major policy platform change,” he said.

“At the moment I support Labor policy … because I’m a member of Labor caucus.

“I believe when this issue goes to the national conference it will overwhelmingly vote to support change and that then becomes our new platform and then not only am I compelled to support it, I am more than happy to support it. I am not unsympathetic to your cause.”

The protest was organised by local same-sex attracted and gender-questioning youth support group B-EPIC.

Watch Gibbons address the rally HERE

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