Pope calls trans acceptance ‘terrible’

Pope calls trans acceptance ‘terrible’

POPE Francis has drawn criticism after denouncing the acceptance of trans people.

The Vatican released a transcript of Pope Francis’s remarks in which he slammed schools for teaching trans inclusivity, Pink News has reported.

“Today in schools they are teaching this to children—to children!—that everyone can choose their gender,” he said in a recent meeting with Catholic bishops.

Francis claimed the increasing acceptance of trans people is due to “ideological colonising” and called it “terrible”.

“Speaking with Pope Benedict, who is well and has a clear mind, he was telling me, ‘Holiness, this is the epoch of sin against God the Creator, he’s intelligent! God created the world this way… and we are doing the opposite’,” said the Pope.

Kelsey Louie, CEO of Gay Men’s Health Crisis in the US, said he was “saddened and disturbed” by Francis’s comments.

“Our children deserve to know that of course they have the right to choose, and GMHC applauds all schools that teach students not to oppress who they are, but instead live the life as the gender they most identify with,” he said.

“What we need now is for our world leaders to spread messages of tolerance and acceptance.”

The Pope’s remarks come as Australia’s Safe Schools program continues to draw transphobic criticism from parents who do not want gender diversity taught in classrooms.

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2 responses to “Pope calls trans acceptance ‘terrible’”

  1. I am a transgender women. I did not choose my gender, rather was born this way. I thank God that society is beginning to allow my community to live their authentic lives. The Pope got it wrong, as No One gets to choose their gender. Gender is established in the womb and is unchangable. Unfortunately gender does not always match ones sex. God doesn’t make mistakes. Transgenderism is just another one of those ‘mysteries’ that the church needs to learn to accept.

  2. Bloke wearing a dress hates trans people. You can tell religion is involved somewhere, can’t you!